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Sharad Yadav approaches Election Commission to take control over JD(U)

The new government in Bihar may have to deal with some challenges in the coming days, as the JD(U) faction led by Sharad Yadav has challenged Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s control over the party. Sharad Yadav approached the Election Commission (EC) today, seeking control of JD(U). Sharad Yadav told EC that most of the national council members of the party are supporting him, which is why, the control of JD(U) should be given to him. He said that the faction led by him is the real JD(U).

Sharad’s move appears to be a response to the letter that JD(U) had written to him yesterday. In the letter, it was mentioned that Sharad Yadav should not attend the anti-BJP rally being organized in Patna by Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) on August 27. The letter said that if Sharad Yadav attended the rally, it would imply that he has started working against the party’s interest. The RJD rally in Patna has been organized to form an anti-BJP force at the national level.

The letter also says that if Sharad Yadav attends the rally, it would mean that he has quit the party voluntarily. It appears that the letter has angered Sharad Yadav and now he is getting aggressive to take control of JD(U). Arun Shrivastav, a close aide of Sharad Yadav, said that Sharad Yadav is the real founder of JD(U) and Nitish Kumar has no rights to remove Sharad Yadav.

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