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Sharad Yadav sacked from Rajya Sabha post

The cracks in JD(U) have now become so big that it would be impossible to save the structure. And no one seems to be worried about the separation since it was something that was bound to happen. It was obvious since Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had not informed Sharad Yadav when he decided to tender his resignation and join forces with the BJP. This clearly suggests that Nitish never really trusted Sharad Yadav and now both appear to be going their separate ways. Just yesterday, Nitish had said that Sharad Yadav is free to go where he wants. Nitish had responded like this because Sharad Yadav has been openly criticizing Nitish for his decision to join the BJP. Sharad has even launched a state-wide tour to condemn the action of Nitish.

The final nail in the coffin came today when Sharad Yadav was removed from the post of leader of Janata Dal (United) in Rajya Sabha. Nitish said the decision has been taken by the party and Sharad should accept it. Now, that Sharad has been removed the party’s leader post in Rajya Sabha, he will have to sit in the back benches. Till now, he used to sit in the front benches, sharing the space with other top leaders of other parties. Sharad will also lose the privilege of speaking out of turn in the house and to flag issues. He will now have to ask for permission before he gets time to speak. Sharad Yadav said that he remains committed to the Congress-led opposition, which is trying to fight the growing influence of NDA.

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