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She sees her youth in you; why not give her a youthful feeling too

By Dr. Indu Ballani, Dermatologist, Mantra Medi Spa, Delhi

When was the last time you saw your mother do something for herself? Go out on a vacation with her own set of friends? Watch a movie she wanted to watch, not the one you or your dad wanted? Even prepare a dish she loved, even when you hated it? Chances are you would have to put your memory to test to find an affirmative answer.

From the time she becomes a mother, a woman’s own interests, likes, dislikes become secondary to her. So immersed are some women in their daily responsibilities of life, they often lose the individual inside them. For many, it becomes all about the husband, the children, the home and the kitchen. For others who work, the daily rush between work and home and the humongous responsibility it puts on their shoulders leaves little time to pursue something for their own gratification.

If your mother looks fondly at you, reminiscing in you her own youth, give her an opportunity to return to her young self, not just in appearance but in likes and dislikes too. Here are 5 things you should do for your mother, this Mother’s Day:

1. Thank Her: Your mother was the first person in this world who introduced you to womanhood. In many ways, your personality today is shaped up by your mother’s teachings all her life. Use this Mother’s day to turn back to her (in person, if she is alive; in mind, if she isn’t) and thank her for being your mother. Thank her for putting her own self as secondary to your being.

2. Watch her favorite movie with her: If your mother was a child of the 1960s or 1970s, she would have had a secret crush in her growing years on Shammi kapoor, Rajesh Khanna or Amitabh Bachchan. Ask her who was her favourite actor and which movies she loved in her youth, and bring her the DVDs. To add to her pleasure, watch her favourite movies with her, with popcorns in tow.

3. Take her for a Beauty Treatment: Lines and wrinkles make everyone wonder what time and age has done to their once beautiful self. Take your mother to an aesthetic physician and get rid of her age signs. Your aesthetic physician would advice you about ways to look younger and fresher with beauty procedures that are subtly done. A quick procedure with Botox can reduce the appearance of stress lines on the forehead and crow’s feet around the eyes. New age laser procedures can help rejuvenate the skin, reduce pigmentation and scars; while diamond polishing treatment or oxygen therapy can help her get rid of dull skin. If your mother desires a rejuvenated and youthful skin, try a beautifying session with Juvederm Refine, which will fill up the fine lines and give a special sparkling sheen to your skin.

4. Revamp her wardrobe: Add a dash of latest fashion to your mother’s wardrobe to make her feel more youthful. You do not have to change her dressing style completely, just give it a contemporary twist. Add some designer kurtas to her tunics, and replace a few old-style shalwars with palazzos.

5. Make Her Join a Cause: By the time their kids grow up, many women start feeling purposeless with a void in their life. Some even go into depression because they have neither cultivated a passion nor pursued any dream, sacrificing all for their children. However, it is not too difficult to search for a tangible purpose in life. Zero in on a social cause that is dear to your mother and find a way to attach her to it with. A cause can do wonders to your sense of purpose and existence. And it will do so to your mother. She will feel valued and purposeful and have a new zest for life.

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