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Shiv Sena MP beats Air India steward 25 times with Sandal

Air India has filed an FIR, in which, a Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad has been alleged to have beaten a flight steward with his sandal. The unruly MP even boasted to reporters about his uncivilized act. The entire episode began when Gaikwad was asked to travel in economy class, even when he had a business class ticket. In the flight that Gaikwad was travelling, there were no business class seats available, due to which the staff asked him to manage with an economy class seat. Gaikwad obliged, but when his flight landed in Delhi this morning, he refused to get down from the plane.

Gaikwad demanded that his problem should be resolved, and he even threatened the staff saying that he was an MP. However, the steward countered his statement by saying that he will complain to Prime Minister Modi. This infuriated Gaikwad and he beat up the steward with his sandal. The 57-year old MP has been involved in controversies earlier also. The steward said that he felt humiliated in front of the entire crew. Gaikwad’s action was heavily criticized on social media sites. However, Shiv Sena said that Gaikwad must have been instigated.

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