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Shocking : “Gaana waana sab chhod diya hai maine,” Husna singer, Gangs of Wasseypur actor Piyush Mishra reveals

Exclusive By Harshita Dagha

Safely passing as a Ghalib of the country, Piyush Mishra has successfully rocked the music scene since for as long as we can remember – not just with his singing, but also with his strong compositions, lyrics and more.

One of the most dynamic collaborations of Coke Studio, Husna is a partition song you’d never want to part ways with.

The genius’ songs are known to touch souls through deep melodies, intense lyrics, and beautiful notes, and more often than not, his impeccable craft is known to take listeners in a smooth state of meditation.

His contributions have been a boon to the audiences as much as music and art connoisseurs.

Since most fans have been awaiting his music for long, it is rather disappointing for audiences to digest the fact that the Gulaal actor is now avoiding considering singing as a part of his career.




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