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Should you wear a face mask? Here’s your guide to be protected from Novel Coronavirus

A new virus is raising havoc everywhere and is infamous by the name of Novel Coronavirus. This virus has been identified as the primary cause of infections in the human respiratory system and is widespread in China currently. Novel Coronavirus belongs to the coronavirus family that causes various types of respiratory illnesses such as –SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), and the common cold.

The virus infects or travelsfrom person-to-person through cough and sneezes. Therefore, to protect yourself from being affected by the Coronavirus, you are advised to wear face masks. However, face masks can only protect you when you are moving out of your house, what about when you are indoors? Well, to remain safe from Novel Coronavirus, even when you are at your home, you must adopt a few methods to keep the air you are breathing clean and healthy.

At Tanziff, we have appointed a team of professionals who can help you maintain the airquality of your home by maintaining your HVAC system. Allow us to help you by hiring experts from our company to reduce the level of air allergens and especially the disease-causing viruses and bacteria, which could otherwise trigger respiratory problems.

How can we help in improving air quality?

You must make efforts to improve the quality of air that you breathe almost everytime. If you are adopting various cleaning methods to instill healthy air quality in your home, that isn’t going to help you get rid of all the allergens and disease-causing viruses from your home. Only the experts can help you do so. Steps our experts will adopt to clean your house:

  • They will vacuum the carpets and area rugs with the help of deep cleaning methods.
  • They will clean all the drapes and other items that could attract allergen to your home
  • And help you get rid of the clutters as well, which often hold the dust and bed the viruses

Change the filters of your HVAC system: If your house is equipped with HVAC systems, they must be taken care of accurately to keep the air healthy inside your home. The HVAC system is the prime source of air rotation in the indoors, and if that is left unattended, you are partially inviting the virus to invade your home. Therefore, you can hire our experts to clean the filters or, inthe worst-case scenario, change them as well so that the irritants get trapped and do not get circulated throughout your living space.

Invest in air purifiers: In such a scenario, when cases being affected by coronavirus is so widespread, it would be wise of you invest in some air purifiers to restore healthy air for breathing in your home. In damp areas specifically, you must install a dehumidifier and clean it on a regular basis with the help of experts to remove trapped dust and allergens bearing viruses out of it. The dehumidifiers will cater to reducing the chances of mold infestation as well, which would further help in the improvement of air quality.

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