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Side effects of soft drinks on human body

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????#FitnessIndia Regular consumption of sugared soft drink might deteriorate your body metabolism system and cause of following diseases and issues :

  • Obesity: Daily consumption of sugared soft drink and sweetened soda is cause the obesity in many youngster.
  • Sweet poison: The people are suffering from diabetes and doing consumption of soft drinks on regular basis or daily are more prone to kidney failure.
  • Ageing: It has been found in UCSF research that daily consumption of half a  litre soft drink may cause the additional biological ageing of 4.6 years. Soft drinks age you as fast as smoking.
  • Change in chromosome:  Regular consumption of sweetened soda and sugared soda cause an unnatural changes in chromosomes.
  • Hamper growths: It also challenges the growth in children who are more tempered for soft drinks.
  • Kills calciums: Soft drinks kills the body calcium and makes bone weaker in human body.

So, peoples, you have understand completely – the side effects of sugared soft drinks and sweetened soda. So , don’t make it your habit to drink on regular basis.

Precaution is much better than treatment.




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