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Significance of Indian jewelry and its importance in Indian culture

Since time immemorial, jewelry has served as a precious adornment for the women in India. Its importance in the life of a woman from this exotic country can be known from the massive collection of jewelry based gift items she bags on variable festivities or special occasions. Enter any party or festival such as Durga Puja or Diwali, you can easily notice the women dazzling in their colorful clothes paired with chunky jewelry crafted from precious metals.

What role does jewelry play in the life of an Indian woman?

Apart from enhancing the beauty of these tropical goddesses, Indian jewelry is deemed as an investment that can provide great help during a financial crisis or unforeseen circumstances. Indians often prefer their jewelry pieces to be constructed out of precious metals such as silver, gold, or diamonds. In a broad sense, possessing a chunky collection of precious jewelry is a symbol of good status, power, and ample wealth. Indian jewelry allows a woman to carry with pride the rich traditional heritage and art of the country.

Types of Indian Jewelry

Jewelry designs available in India cover a wide variety of collection worn by the women in India where each depicts a cultural value. Some popular jewelry used by women in India includes nose rings, maang-tika, necklace, mangalsutra, earrings, necklace, and bangles.


Maang-Tika is a pendant that is hung in the front half of the forehead with a hook towards the back. Scientifically, this piece of jewelry holds a big position in the life of an Indian woman. It is believed that the center portion of the forehead holds the chakra responsible for preservation. This chakra is known to have 2 petals carrying half-female and a half-male deity named Ardhanarishvara also known as “Lord Shiva”.

2-Nose ring:

The nose ring is termed as the most seductive piece of jewelry and imparts better health for the reproductive organs of the female. As stated in theory, nose ring holds a connection with romantic, sexual, and emotional propositions of an Indian woman.


The earlobe is known to house a collection of important nerves that are connected with the kidney, brain, and cervix. With right acupressure applied to the ear, earrings serve as a healer for health ailments.


A necklace is worn close to heart and is believed to hold a strong control over our emotions and the strength to love our beloved. It is also believed to ward off the evil eye when worn along with precious stones.


Bangles are beautiful round pieces of jewelry known to enhance the blood circulation levels of a woman’s body while channeling positive energy all through the body.

These are but a few of the popular types of Indian jewelry that holds a great significance in Indian culture and especially for a woman from India. An Indian woman always looks fascinating when decked from tip to toe in traditional Indian jewelry.


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