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Signs that you have to Re-Do the SEO of Your Website:

Are you worried about the ranking of your website? Do you keep thinking whether your SEO efforts are going in the right direction or not? If yes, then it’s time to see the signs that narrate the truth of your SEO strategy.

Search engine optimization is a very vast area. Sometimes we end up messing our own website’s SEO due to the slight misunderstanding of concepts. This mistake can also be committed by an SEO agency. So; if your SEO isn’t going in the right direction then, you don’t need to panic.

All you have to do is to re-do your strategy and focus towards positive results. But, initially, you have to find out whether your SEO strategy needs to be changed or not. If you see these signs, it is 100% true that you need to re-evaluate your SEO strategy:

  1. A Consistent Decrease in Your Organic Search Traffic:

A website usually grows, when the right SEO strategy is implied. It means the graph of organic search traffic go upwards no matter how slowly it happens. You can check your website’s graph through Google Analytics. If it had dropped consistently in the last 6-8 months, it means there is some problem with your SEO.

It could happen for the following reasons:

  • Your site is difficult to be indexed by Google.
  • It has been penalized due to breaking some of the norms.
  • Your site isn’t fit as per the latest algorithm update.
  • Your site contains spammy elements.
  • You aren’t targeting the right audience.

Analyse your website and find out the issue to solve it.

  1. Dramatic Drop in Keyword Rankings:

A slight fluctuation in keywords ranking is very common in SEO but, a dramatic drop isn’t. Usually, people use tools like SEMrush and Google search console to check their keyword rankings. If it’s showing a constant drop then, you need to look out your keyword placement.

This happens when someone produces better content than yours and optimizes it for the same keyword. In this case, Google gives priority to its pages over yours. Maybe they are placing the same keyword at the right place like title and opening paragraph. You need to check these things to improve your keyword ranking in the new SEO strategy.

  1. LowAppearance in SERPs for Industry Keywords:

There are some local keywords which are directly related to your business. Does your website isn’t appearing in the search engine results for even those keywords? You should analyse your SEO strategy if that’s the case.

Ranking for industry keywords is very crucial to get the desired traffic. You will lose most of your prospective clients if you won’t rank for the keywords related to your area. So, employ the effective SEO strategy that can boost your ranking for these keywords.

  1. No Visible Conversion Rates:

There could be a scenario where people must be visiting your website but, not converting into the customers. It means that they aren’t purchasing your products or taking your services even after visiting your website. This happens when your keywords aren’t targeting the right kind of audience.

For example, you own a jewellery business and you have optimized the keyword “jewellery”. This keyword indicates towards your business but, it doesn’t have purchase intent. In this case, you should optimize for keywords like “jewellery on sale” or “best jewellery at affordable prices”.

This will help you in getting the people who are actually interested in buying your products. So, ensure that your keywords attract the buyers.

  1. Usage of Thin Content:

Are you trying to market articles that are 300-400 words long and don’t contain any videos, info-graphics or GIFs? That’s called thin content which can’t help your site in getting a higher rank. Google tries to give the best possible results to the users, and you aren’t the only genius out there that is publishing content on a particular topic.

Considering this, you should try to add value to your articles. How would you do that? You should include most of the information in an interesting way. It means your article should be long and also contain enough media to entertain the people in between. Don’t ever go for plagiarised, boring or short content pieces. If you are doing this, then alter your SEO strategy today.

  1. A High Bounce Rate and Low Dwell Time:

Bounce rate indicates the percentage of the visitors who left your site after seeing only the landing page. Dwell time means the amount of time spent by visitors on your website. Having both of them is a sign that people aren’t finding your site attractive enough and leaving it immediately after entering.

You can check these things in the metrics section of Google analytics. If it’s high then, you should amend your website. Make it interesting by adding unique, accurate and engaging content, catchy headlines and matching images. The right SEO strategy can make your website worth-staying and browsing.

  1. Getting Too Many Low-Quality Backlinks:

Backlinks are important for your SEO but, having low-quality backlinks can leave a negative impact. You need to modify your SEO strategy in case you are getting backlinks from low domain authority websites.

Google will not only give you a lower rank but, also penalize you in this case. If most of your links are from foreign, spam or porn sites, then your website is already under suspicion of search engines. Get rid of these links by rejecting them and building contact with high-quality websites.

  1. Less Number of Repeat Visits:

If people aren’t returning to your site after paying a visit, you are in trouble. You can’t get enough traffic in case of having no regular visitors. No returns indicate a bad SEO strategy.

To build a relationship, it’s very important that the prospective clients visit your site again and again.  No one would trust a website with a single visit. So, improve your SEO tactics to get a high number of repeat visits on your website.

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