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Sirio Berati premiers his second short cinematic clip

Sirio Berati, the talented Albanian visual artist, after almost 1 year break from filmmaking and cinematography, premieres his short video clip called WITHIN.

Sirio is known to direct and produc short videos with a tight narrative to them, which the audience loves and connects. Almost looking like videos from the 80′, Sirio allows it to introduce motifes from the modern times, merging the styles together to creatie something unique.

Desaturated hues such as blues or yellows and bright shadows, are never a miss in his works, be it videos or manipulations. In this way, Sirio’s filmmaking creates a sense of mystery, suspense, and tension.

Sirio has produced 2 short films during his career; Argeda and What If My Brother – with the latter being screened in Monterrey, Mexico.

Below you can see Sirio’s latest release “WITHIN”

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