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Six accused cleared by CID in Alwar lynching case

In the case of Pehlu Khan who had died following assault by cow vigilantes in Alwar, Rajasthan, the police have cleared the name of six suspects. The son of Pehlu Khan has said that he will take the matter to the court. He said that he does not feel good about the fact that the police have removed the name of six suspects named in the case. At the time of his death, Pehlu Khan had given a dying declaration. In his statement, he had named the six men as his attackers. However, after the state police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) carried out the investigation, it has been found that the six people named as accused were not involved in the attack. As a result, their names have been removed from the first information report.

Earlier, there was a reward of Rs 5,000 for these missing accused, but after the investigations, the reward is also being withdrawn. The state CID-Crime Branch has submitted its final report, in which, it has been mentioned that the six accused were not present at the site when Pehlu Khan was attacked. The CID pointed out to the fact that these people were not there in the photos and video footage of the incident. Their mobile records also show that they were around 4km away from the spot where the lynching took place. The CID has identified nine other people who will be tried for the murder of Pehlu Khan. However, Pehlu Khan’s son said that this was just an attempt by the police to protect the real culprits.

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