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Skin care for Monsoon

Monsoon season is very soothing & beautiful on all counts but when it comes to skin monsoon remains nightmare for your skin as your skin behaves in  bizarre way and is very unsteady and unpredictable. Sometimes its oily and suddenly it gets dry and dehydrated.
Its very necessary to take extra care during this season so that your skin remains fresh and beautiful. Suitable skincare followed by a good cleansing and exfoliation is a must and this can be can be done with natural things straight from your kitchen. Or you can go aroma and natural way so that your skin is fairer, tightened and younger.
Purnima Goyal suggests tips that are easy and quick to use :
Your skin will require cleansing in order to keep it looking fresh and healthy follow these home remedies.
Dry skin: you can use almond paste or honey cleanser. Take ten crushed almonds and make a paste and add two tsp of honey. Massage on face for 5 to 7 minutes, rinse face and pat dry.
Oily skin: you need a very mild cleanser to get the dead cells and grime off from skin.
Use pure oatmeal scrub to cleanse oily skin or use ripe papaya pulp as a mild exfoliate.
Toning is a must at night. During monsoon, a lot of airborne and waterborne microbes are let loose. So a good anti-bacterial toner will go a long way to prevent skin infections and eruptions. It is a good idea to get anti bacterial face wash too. This helps to tighten the pores and prevent pimples. A non-alcoholic toner included into your basic cleansing regime every morning and before going to bed will stop skin infections and eruptions.
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You need to mildly tone a dry skin since the pore size is small.
Moisturizing in the rain season is as important as it is in summer. Monsoons can mean a de-moisturizing effect on dry skin and an over hydrating effect on oily skin. The skin gets wet often and with the constant wetting and drying, a lot of dehydration takes place. That explains the prickly feeling one gets during monsoons. Use a non water based moisturizer, if u happen to get wet often. Otherwise a water-based moisturizer will do.
Oily Skin
However, those with oily skin should do so only twice every day. Their skin's natural oils will keep it hydrated.
Dry skin
Take 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp fresh curd and 1 tsp jojoba oil, mix all of these together and apply on your face and neck. Leave it on for 10 mins and then wash off with plenty of water.
Oily and combination skin:
in 2 tsp rose water add 2 drops of strawberry oil and fresh orange oil, mix and apply onface and neck for 10 mns and then wash off.
Mineral-based and waterproof make-up can be a great alternative for women with acne prone skin.
Concern areas to watch out for: here is a list of what you need to watch out for.
Fungal infections
One of the main concerns this season is our tendency to develop fungal infections in our body folds. This is mainly due to wet clothes and shoes. The danger-prone areas are the armpits, groin and the area between our toes.
One way to take care of this is to use an anti-fungal soap such as Savlon for bathing.
However, this may cause excessive dryness so restrict its use to the fold areas only.
After bathing, apply anti-fungal powder on your feet. Clotrimazole, which is available at  any medical store, is very effective.
No sweat
Humidity in this season also causes our skin to sweat and attracts dirt and pollutants more easily. When you step indoors, always clean your face to wash away the grime and dirt.
During the day, it may not be possible to splash some water or maintain a cleansing practice. To avoid accumulation of sweat and dust particles, use wet wipes.
Home remedies
Most of the times our kitchen is the best source for soothing any skin ailments/itching felt on facial skin.
Sun damaged skin
Apply a mixture of equal quantities of cucumber and potato juice. Both these ingredients contain properties that soothe the skin. They also work as natural bleaching agents.
Very dry/very oily skin
During the monsoon, our skin gets wet quite often. Different types of skin react to this problem differently.
Skin can either become very dry and prone to acne or it can become very oily and attract dirt and pollutants.
Those with acne-prone skins should opt for a water-based moisturizer. If our skin is dry yet pimple-free, then an oil-based moisturizer is better suited.
Some Home Remedies
Oily skin
Age-old recipes of chane ka atta and raw milk/ cream.
Apply a paste of the above ingredients, leave for 15 minutes and wash with cold water.
Dry skin
In one cup of rosewater, add two teaspoons of glycerin and rub all over your skin. These ingredients contain properties that soften the skin and leave it smooth to touch.
For the sensitive skin
Face pack of neem and turmeric is available. Anti-bacterial, purifying pack regulates excess oil secretion, clean clogged pores, clears the skin, and prevents outbreak andrecurrence of pimples.



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