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Small Journeys, a book by Udayan Vundru

Udayan Vundru is a 17 years ‘young’ I-Phone photographer who recently inaugurated a coffee table book named ‘Small journeys’. The book was unveiled last month at an exhibition at the Azad Bhawan Gallery in New Delhi. ‘Small Journey’ is a collection of photographs clicked through I-Phone, in India and abroad

small-journeys-by-udayan-vundruUdayan Vundru with his book Small Journeys

Udayan has travelled widely in India, Europe, United Kingdom and North America. Udayan Vundru says “I also like to capture objects. Their static nature intrigues me, and also gives me all the time to take a good angle to
shoot. Right angles interest me mostly, like the ones in Oscar winning The Great Budapest Hotel, its dollhouse like cinematography is a joy to experience. I can watch it a thousand times for its pure visual delight.”

Udayan Vundru is currently in the 12th grade, but his precision in taking pictures and game play of monochrome photography is praiseworthy. It all began the day he got a little praise and encouragement for a picture that he clicked. The photographs clicked by him in this book have been taken from his I-Phones; I-Phone 5S in 2014 and then I-Phone 6 in 2015.

I would like to end my article in the words of Udayan Vundru-

“I no longer see countries and cities as tourist destinations, I see them as places with a soul, just as one would see a person, with a life and story of its own.”

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