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Smart City Initiatives around the World

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All around the world cities are implementing their own unique smart city solutions. With benefits such as safer communities, new economic development opportunities, and a reduced environmental footprint it’s no wonder cities are turning to IoT solutions to improve the everyday lives of residents. The different ways that cities can utilize smart solutions is endless, below area few of the cities taking a lead in the smart city initiative.


Singapore is currently developing a drowning detection solution for swimming pools. The system utilizes computer vision to detect drowning enabling continuous surveillance of all activities in the pool. Once the system detects a complication with a swimmer it alerts the lifeguards enabling them to react faster to prevent drowning and save lives.


The city of Barcelona is one of the leading smart city countries, they have implemented smart waste management smart lighting and smart transportation solutions.

Their smart waste solution uses smart bins that monitors household waste levels to optimize collection routes. The sensors are also currently being optimized to integrate sensing for hazardous or offensive waste material.

The city has also implemented a smart parking solution that uses a sensor system to guide drivers to available parking spaces, Aversan Labs work on provding such Smart monitoring system, smart parking system in india and have developed number of Smart parking solution in USA. The system uses sensors embedded in the asphalt that senses whether or not a vehicle is parked in a certain location, it then guides them there, and enables them to pay for their parking through the application. Currently about 4,000 people per day use the application for parking, which in turn is also significantly reducing emissions and congestion.


The city of Toronto has implemented smart traffic lights in 22 intersections, and are currently testing two different methods. Half of the traffic lights being used are from a company called SCATS and the other InSync. Insysnc’s technology, also used in the United States uses video cameras to count queue length traffic and changes the signals accordingly. SCAT’s technology uses radar detection to measure traffic flow upstream to control the signal. The city will use GPS data by a traffic data flow sharing company to assess both systems.


Sweden has nveiledeRoadArlanda, the first electrified road in the world. The 2 kilometer stretch of road utilizes rails with electrical conductors to transfer energy to the electric vehicle. The solution utilizes a moveable arm attached to the vehicle’s charger that detects the location of the rail in the road and automatically lowers itself to come into contact with the rail to charge the battery. This enables electric cars to be charged as they are being driven and calculates the vehicle’s energy consumption, which chargers vehicles accordingly. This solution cuts fossil fuel emissions by 80 to 90%.

New York

New York is using IoT technology to increase the safety of the city by implementing smart gunshot detection systems. They are currently using a technology which uses sensors to detect a pulse, it then extracts features from that wave form such as sharpness, strength, duration and decay time. If at least three sensors detect a pulse that is believed to be a gunshot the sensor sends a small data packet to cloud servers where multilateration is used based on time difference and angle of arrival of sound to determine a precise location. Incident notifications are then sent to authorities.


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