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Smart Fire Safety Plan for Homes

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Every property is vulnerable to dangers and emergencies. Fire is an emergency that can strike a building for any reason. Most of the times, a fire occurs due to malfunctioning of electrical equipment or leakage of flammable materials.

Most of the organizations have a fire safety plan, but most homeowners don’t have a fire safety plan. As fire can break out at any time due to any reason, it is essential for every homeowner to have a fire safety plan. Here are the tips to develop a smart fire safety plan for homes.

Maintain your LPG equipment

Every household has LPG equipment for cooking. Any leakage in the equipment can lead to a fire. Therefore, every family should maintain their LPG equipment such as the gas cylinder, tube, stove, and regulator. Replace your gas tube every six months and regulator every year or whenever a problem arises. Also, check your gas stove if it radiates a yellow flame or there is any smell of LPG in the kitchen.

Maintain your kitchen appliances


There are various appliances in the kitchen that we use daily for cooking food and beverages. For example, coffee machine, toaster, microwave, mixer, grinder, and food processor are present in the kitchen. All these appliances work on electricity.

Therefore, they need to be maintained in good working condition to function safely. Any short circuit in an appliance can lead to a fire. Even the liquid spills in a coffee maker can lead to a fire. Any time you face a problem in a machine, consult a technician to repair it before using.

Get a fire extinguisher


If you are one of the house owners who don’t have a fire extinguisher in their home, then you should get one. It is essential to have a fire extinguisher to control the situation in case of a fire. If you have an average size of a home, you should have a medium size fire extinguisher.

Create a fire escape plan for your home

Every family should have a fire evacuation plan for their home. It is best to consult a professional to create a fire safety plan for your house. There are many fire safety professionals in Australia, who can guide you on creating a plan for your home. If you live in Melbourne, you can search for a professional team that can visit your house, conduct an inspection and helps you develop a fire escape plan Melbourne.

Practice a fire escape drill

It is great to have a fire escape plan, but every program needs some practice to master. We are not accustomed to situations like fire, or earthquake in our daily life. It is difficult to escape in such circumstances and reach a safe place regardless of how safe is your evacuation plan. Consult a professional emergency safety trainer to have a training and fire escape drill for your family members. Practicing the drill helps you to gain confidence for doing it in the real situation. A family should practice the exercise every six months to understand the escape routes and overcome the possible hurdles.

Install fire alarms


It is essential to install fire alarms in every area of your home as they can detect the smoke as soon a fire starts and alert you before it spread and become large. A fire is small in the beginning, and it is easy to control. A fire alarm alerts you as soon as a fire begins so that you can extinguish it using a fire extinguisher.

Multiple Escape routes

While creating your fire evacuation plan, you should have various escape routes for every area. A single escape route can be dangerous as you cannot use it if there is a fire in the route itself. Even if you manage to escape through a burning door, your family member cannot do the same.

You should have at least two escape routes for every area. For example, two doors for every room in addition to windows. All the family members should practice using multiple escape routes.

Safe Place for gathering

Decide a safe place in your garden or outside the house, at which all the family members should gather after escaping the fire like situations. The area should be away from the building and safe to gather in all types of emergencies like fire, earthquake, or hurricanes.

Check the fire safety equipment

It is also essential to check the fire safety equipment regularly to keep it in good working condition. Check your fire alarms, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers every four to six months for any faults or maintenance.

Final words

These are the fire safety tips for homes and families. Every family should practice fire safety and undergo professional training. Following these tips can help any family to stay safe and face the fire like situations with confidence. People who take training for emergencies can also help other to save their lives in such situations.

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