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SMART Retirement Planning For The New Economy

At the end of the day, we all want to secure a better financial future for ourselves and our families. That’s what SMART is ultimately about”. There is no better way to describe the book SMART Retirement: Discover The Strategic Movement Around Retirement Taxation™ than these words said by the author, Matt Zagula. Published by ForbesBooks, an imprint of Forbes Media, the book is available only through planners, advisors, life agents, wealth managers and any other professional who has an understanding of tax diversification and actuarial arbitrage.

Mathew Zagula, known as a preeminent tax expert, uses the book as a medium to help people chart a financially sound retirement plan. The aim of SMART Retirement is to teach professionals unique techniques to accomplish the highest net after-tax retirement income. The book gives a detailed and systematic approach to reducing taxation on post-retirement income. Some of the main concepts, tips, and tricks the book delivers to advisors are:

  • Ways to reduce the amount shelled out to IRS

  • Increasing income after retirement without increasing risk through tax arbitrage

  • Warren Buffet’s actuarial model “float” that he uses to increase his wealth and how to integrate it your asset management

  • How to gain a comfortable retirement in any market condition

The book also expounds upon three dates in history that brought about a paradigm shift in the American retirement system. Hard working people, small business owners can use this information to guard their wealth, achieve the lowest possible tax rate and funnel the tax saving on assets that are exempted from taxation for a better future. As Matt Zagula says the book questions “the financial sense in believing we can continue to solve new-world problems with the same old answers”. SMART is about new techniques that can secure a different and more comfortable financial future for complete families.

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