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SMART & SAFE Cities for India

We live in a tech-savvy world and one with its ever evolving possibilities and challenges. Technology has made our lives dramatically easier than our forefathers’, but the challenge to make our cities safe, yet efficient still stares us in the face. Before we embark on our endeavour to make our cities SMART, let’s begin with making them SAFE.

A holistic approach to tackle – the ever-increasing rate of street crimes, unabated surge in the rate of traffic violations and the darkening shadow of the terror threat perception- is what VIDEONETICS brings to the table. Making best use of state-of-the-art visual computing technology for strategic solutions Videoneticsis an Indian Company with world class technological expertise.

What is a SAFE & SMART city?

A SAFE &SMART city essentially means a city technologically equipped to facilitate a smooth, hassle-free and SECURE life for its citizens. It means smart and effective solutions for the ever-evolving challenges posed by a bustling new-age hub.

Taking forward Prime MinisterNarendraModi’svision to develop 100 smart cities by 2022, Videonetics – a leading Indian companywith world-class visual computing technological prowess, unveiled its Vision for India’s SAFE AND SMARTCITIES of the future. Because a SMART CITY WILL CEASE TO BE ONE, UNLESS IT IS A SAFE CITY. 

Videonetics – A World-class Visual Computing Solutions Provider

Videonetics controls70% of the market share in verticals like aviation, where they manage security and surveillance for 72 airports across India.Videonetics has also installed its smart surveillance systemsat 5 majorrailway stations on the South-Eastern Railway network.It was also entrusted with the pivotal task of putting in place a wide city surveillance network inthe Alipore safe city in Kolkata.It also executed the setting-up of an Intelligent Traffic & Law Enforcement regulation system across Kerala- Trivandrum. Kochi, Calicut. Videonetics has also installed Intelligent Video Surveillance cameras at Chandigarh High Court, Anna Centenary Library, Indian Oil Corporation,AP Transco (Transmission Corporation of Andhra Pradesh), ITC Munger – Bihar, Exide Industries – Haldia, Welspun – Gujarat, Infinity IT Park, Salt Lake -Kolkata, Capital Plaza Mall and Mushriff Mall in Abu Dhabi UAE

Founderof Videonetics, DrAcharya“Indian companies should be given preference over foreign companies when it comes to safety and security of our country. Videonetics’ products and technologiesare much more robust and work well in the Indian environment since they have beenindigenously developed keeping in mind the prevailing Indian conditions – climate, culture, communication infrastructure and other parameters” 

How Can VIDEONETICS Make a Critical Difference?

Backed by its robust technology and innovative solutions VIDEONETICS can make a vital contribution in throwing a blanket of security around our vital cities-

– Curbing Crime Rate:

As crime has seen a sea change with the advent of latest technology, a SAFE city needs to keep up pace with the ever more lethal challenges. With an emphasis on AVERTING crime rather than REACTING to it, VIDEONETICS’ Intelligent Video Analytics and other surveillance products can not only identify and monitor crowd, but can also detect suspicious faces, monitor traffic, identify vehicles, perimeter trespassing, suspicious objects and much more. It can also alert authorities through sms or email about suspicious activitiesVIDEONETICS Smart Van enables remote monitoring of public gatherings from the control room while police vans are on the move. It uses vehicle-mounted, weather-proof PTZ cameras that enables video recording and live streaming to the control room and can also zoom into relevant sections and capture their high resolution images.

– Automated Traffic Regulation and Surveillance System

 Indian cities are grappling with the exponential rise in cases of traffic violations and thereby an increase in traffic-violation-related fatalities. VIDEONETICS’ state-of-the-art vehicle number plate identification system and advanced surveillance systems can play a big role in instilling deterrence value in the existing traffic regulation rules.

These smart cameras can read license plate numbers and recognize cars. The system synchronises video cameras installed at intersections with traffic lights so that images of vehicles violating the red light are captured and processed. The system automatically generates a traffic compound slip that contains the violation details like location, date and time as well as photographic evidence.

– Anti-terror Surveillance:

The scourge of terror has assumed lethal proportions in the modern age. With India being no stranger to devastating terror attacks, our cities will need a formidable array of protective layers around them. VIDEONETICS’ world-class surveillance products can identify objects by shape, size and colour. When installed these systems armed with intelligent audio visual computing capabilities send vital alerts on witnessing unusual or suspicious activities. Averting a terror attack rather than merely reacting to it could become a possibility with the help of these modern-age strategic products by VIDEONETICS.

– Swift and Precise Investigation & Face Detection:

 Gleaning through tons of surveillance footage could become a gigantic challenge – VIDEOBETICS’ ultra-modernvideo précis software can do exactly that BUT in a matter of seconds. Big clues stored in megabytes of recorded footage that would take a traditional investigator untold hours to uncover can be found with a 15-second search query. Videonetics video précis software allows compression of recorded video so that an hour’s video can be viewed in a minute. When it comes to people, face-recognition software can automatically mine surveillance footage for information, such as a specific person’s face, and create an invaluable searchable database.


Videonetics founder DrAcharyaWe want to collaborate with the Government and help set-up world-class SAFE AND SMART cities in India. When it is about security and surveillance OUR STRATEGIC DATA should be in OUR HANDS. We have all the expertise and technology to protect our country.”


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