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Smart Spa Salons

In the modern times of technology, social media and smartphones, the way only in which a spa salon can keep up with the changing lifestyles and habits of the modern woman is to ensure that your salon is as up to date as they are!

A modern salon will need to have an efficient and comprehensive record of their client’s details and requirements. They will need to be modern ways contacting their clients and keeping track of treatments, appointments and anything else that will boost the salon’s productivity.

To do this it is vital that a successful salon has an effective high performing software system that makes the running of the spa smooth and smart.

Therefore Versum offers the perfect software system needed in every spa salon. It is designed to make the booking of appointments, contacting clients, the storing and access of information, as well as many other functions as convenient as possible.

With features such as SMS and email communication, you will be able to reach your clients in an instant by a means that is convenient for you and them. The Versum system provides you with a non-intrusive method of contacting your clients, allowing you to send clients upcoming appointment reminders and create bulk marketing texts. It also features message templates that will make sending regular messages simple, as well as the capability for automated messages such as birthday texts or emails.

The electronic booking system means that you will never again have any double booking issues.

Stay on top of your salons’ financial performance with analysed reports compiled by the system. This allows you to easily identify what you are doing well and the areas of operation that might need improvement.

Not only does the system manage your clients, it can also manage your salon staff.

Work schedules, tasks, vacation times and salaries are all easily recorded and tracked, leaving no room for operations errors.

If this system is properly utilized your spa salon will certainly be a modern success!

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