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Smartphone gimbal is an essential part of their kit, of various mobile filmmakers. Gimbal is an extremely extraordinary device to make decent, smooth strolling shots. You can lift your smartphone or camera into the air so that you can get great shots from a good height.

If you have ever thought that the recordings on your smartphone is not adequate for the portfolio you want, reconsider it! There is a wide scope of cell phone stabilizers accessible you can consider.

A lot of them can associate with your telephone to empower camera changes and different highlights that will enable you to make some enthralling recordings.


  • The initial step is to take out your phone’s case. In the event that you have any sort of case for your phone, you should remove it so that the gimbal can be balanced.
  • The following stage is to adjust the gimbal. So as to accomplish the right parity slide keep the phone and the Tilt Axis Motor close to each other, which lies on backside of the device, to change the gravity focus by sliding the even arm.
  • Ensure your gimbal is effectively balanced. So as to do that pursue this strategy – keep your phone off so that it is adjusted. In the event that your gimbal functions admirably, however, stops for one moment or a red light at the base blinks, you should know that it isn’t adjusted.
  • In case you think the gimbal can put dents or scratches on your expensive smartphone, and you want to use your phone with its case attached to it, then you have to use a Counterweight. It is normally used when lens or phone cases are attached to the smartphone.
  • Your smartphone can take a lot of advantages from the smartphone gimbal because it has many features that will help to make great videos.
  • It has Bluetooth, which gives you a chance to control your smartphone’s camera settings directly from the gimbal’s handle. That implies you can control things like White Balance, ISO, White Balance, and zoom as well.
  • The camera stabilizer additionally has a display highlight that can move the camera naturally to catch numerous pictures and consistently join them together.

Moreover, this cell phone gimbal includes an Active Track which implies it can utilize the camera of your phone so that it points toward the moving subject automatically.

Now that you know how to use a smartphone gimbal what are you waiting for? Pick up your devices and start shooting.


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