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Smirnoff gets Bold with Black

Introducing Smirnoff Black – A vodka that is bold and unconventional!

Black bottle with glass

unnamedSMIRNOFF, the world’s leading vodka, is set to make your night life experience unique and unconventional with the all new Smirnoff Black. It will give vodka aficionados a chance to experience something that is truly unusual, bringing forth the proposition of ‘Tonight’s Bold, Tonight’s Black’. Smirnoff Black is the perfect choice for bold occasions and displays its attitude through a premium ‘BLACK’ packaging and bold character of liquid. With its full-bodied, smooth and distinct taste, it’s the vodka for those bold occasions where you want to do something that is a cut above the ordinary and breaks away from the mundane.

Smirnoff Black has been carefully crafted using the award winning Smirnoff No.21 recipe and finished with a slow-flow filtration for a bold cut. This renders a unique smoky & malty note to the liquid that is best enjoyed on-the-rocks, making it stand apart from any other vodka in the country.

With an international, bold and edgy look, Smirnoff Black is the boldest alternative in the playful world of Smirnoff. 

Smirnoff Black is available in Maharashtra and will be available in Karnataka from October 7, 2014, across all major outlets. With an ABV of 42.8% v/v, it is priced at Rs. 1300 in Maharashtra and Rs. 1240 in Karnataka, for 750ml.

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