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Smoke a Bowl of Sutliff Tobacco the Right Way


Sutliff tobaccos are some of the most popular in America, and truly, in the world. Whether you appreciate the peppery strength of a Perique, one of the Mac Baren tobaccos, or a sweet, syrupy aromatic, there’s something in the lines of Sutliff Tobacco Company for you. Here’s how you can enjoy it the right way.

Take your favorite briar in hand – we kid, just get your favorite pipe, we don’t care if it’s a corn cob, a briar, a meerschaum, or even a clay pipe – and get your favorite blend of Sutliff tobacco

Now, keep in mind that there’s more than one way to pack and light a pipe, but this will work fine for you, even if you develop a preference for other methods down the line. Take a loose pinch of your favorite tobacco and drop it into the bowl. 

With your tamper, press gently down on the tobacco in the bowl, ensuring that there is a level top to the tobacco, as it will attempt to ride up the sides of the bowl. Don’t press down too hard, or you’ll compact the tobacco, ruin the draw, and create an uneven burn once you light it. The tobacco should be packed down so that there is still a little spring to it; don’t force it down too hard. 

Some will say the way to gauge this is by filling the bowl loosely and tamping it down until the pack reaches only a third of the way up the bowl. We say this works sometimes but will vary by the size and width of the bowl. If it works for you, it works. 

You now have a pack that is ready to smoke, but you can continue adding to it if you like; just make sure you do not overpack additional tobacco onto the top. 

Grab matches or a lighter and apply a flame to the top of the packed tobacco. Draw as you do so, pulling the flame down through the pack into the bowl. Circulate the match or the flame over the top of the tobacco as you draw to get an even light. 

Remove the flame, and tamp into your bowl very lightly as you draw to spread the cherry. This first light or false light. It will probably not stay lit. 

Reapply the flame and repeat the process above, circulating the flame and drawing as you do so. Then, tamp gently as you draw to strengthen the cherry in the bowl. With this second light, you should be able to draw appreciable quantities of smoke with each puff. The pipe is now lit. 

Do not smoke too quickly; tobacco is meant to be enjoyed, and a hot pipe is unpleasant and may even gurgle. Also, you may also need to relight your pipe at several points throughout the experience. This is normal, even for veteran pipe smokers. 

Now, sit back and enjoy the savors of your favorite Sutliff tobacco blend – which, if you need more of it, can be found easily online at Rocky’s Cigars. Visit their website, today for some of the best prices on pipe tobacco you’ll get online; and call them at 888-216-5834.

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