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Smoking cigarettes Vs Vaping

 What’s the difference and which is more harmful?

somking vaping

Human beings have been smoking marijuana as well as tobacco since centuries. But, in the recent years, there has been an increasing popularity of vaping across the world instead, mainly to prevent the harmful effects of conventional smoking. However, is vaping really better or harmful than compared to smoking? Well, before getting to that part, let’s first understand the difference between smoking cigarettes and vaping.

Smoking Cigarettes Vs Vaping:

Chemically speaking, when a person smokes, be it tobacco or marijuana, the amount of heat produced from the fire changes the solid substance to vapour form. The vapour which is released from cigarettes is nicotine, which gets absorbed in the blood flow via the lungs. Nicotine tends to stimulate the smoker’s central nervous system within seconds, thus delivering an addictive hit. The same process occurs with marijuana, excluding the fact that a tetra-hydro-cannabinol (THC) vapour gets absorbed in the lungs instead of nicotine.

Though smoking provides the desired active element extremely fast, the partially burnt particulates in the smoke can develop tar on the lungs, cause cancer, destroy taste buds and blacken the teeth.

Thus, in order to get rid of these harmful side effects of smoking cigarettes, people began using e-cigarette, which is commonly called as vaping. E-cigarettes have a metal or glass chamber with electrical current rushing through it that lets a person heat up a desired liquid cartridge, which contains flavours, nicotine or other chemicals, to a regulated temperature. This produces vapour with less or minimal combustion. And that’s it! You get cigarette high, that too without the smoke.

Which is more harmful? Cigarette or Vaping

Several adults, including teenagers believe that the use of e-cigarettes is safe or it helps quit smoking conventional cigarettes. But, research has discovered that those who resort to vaping in an attempt to avoid smoking don’t completely quit smoking cigarettes and continue using both instead. In fact, a few studies have shown that e-cigarettes contain similar toxic ingredients like the conventional cigarettes, although they don’t contain tobacco. There’s evidence which shows that some of these chemicals are linked with negative effects on health like respiratory infections, eye irritation as well as lung damage.

Well, though there are studies which raise some serious health concerns related to vaping, further research is required to know if e-cigarettes are harmful or better than conventional smoking.  

Overall, as e-cigarettes is a relatively new technology, a detailed research to learn more about the long term health effects of vaping is required to determine which among the two is more harmful.    

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