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So where is Justice Karnan? Has he fled the country?

After the Supreme Court ordered 6-months jail to High Court judge CS Karnan for contempt of court, the judge has disappeared and the police have not been able to trace him. Speculations are rife that Justice Karnan has fled the country or may be planning to do so. However, his close aides said that he is still in the country at an undisclosed location. They also said that Karnan has no plans to flee the country. Meanwhile, Karnan’s lawyer today appeared in the Supreme Court and filed a petition seeking relief from the 6-months prison sentence. The petition also challenges the constitutional validity of the sentence.

Karnan’s lawyer J Nethumpara said that Karnan is not hiding, but he is currently staying in Chennai. However, legal experts said that this could also be a ploy to buy time so that Karnan could think about his next moves, one of which could be fleeing to another country and seek asylum. Something like this has never occurred in judicial history, so it’s all guesses as of now and no clear indication as to what will happen next.

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