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Social Awareness Series through Body Painting

paint on body

Tushar Khandelwal, an IITian turned photographer & retoucher, based in Banglore While Alicia Goveas, who is an exceptional body painter, is based in Dubai but travels to India often.Collectively they decided to combine their art forms to tell stories through it and generate awareness amongst people. Targeting some of the biggest social and environmental issues in India & around the globe, the whole aim was to raise awareness and create a positive impact on the society even in the slightest way possible.

When Alicia came down to Bangalore and they started brainstorming about how they could portray the issues through art and make something meaningful out of it. In the whole process of planning to executing, they believe, they themselves have become more aware and concerned about the issues prevailing in our society. This initiative is their way giving back to the community. If the images touched even one person’s life, they would count it as success.

Art can serve as powerful medium in spreading the message and they hope our work can be useful to people, NGOs and everyone who wants to bring a change in the current ecosystem. Help us help people

The write-up they decided on using for the images along with the credits is mentioned below:

Animal Abuse

Ever imagined a world in which animals use human skin as jackets, belts and bags … how does this make you feel? Ever thought of being used as a commodity for someone else’s luxury? The concept behind the image is a snake dressed in a human skin, showing an alternate universe in which humans are hunted and killed specifically for their skin.

Model- @shilpajohar

Body painter- @aliciagoveas

Photography & Retouching- @enhancingmoments

Human skin stock image by @sabaahmakker

Domestic violence

Everlasting scars on her soul concealed beneath a facade of false promises and commitments. Can there ever be any bond that warrants self subjugation to such an extent…

Model- @samyuktarao

Body painter- @aliciagoveas

Photography & retouching- @enhancingmoments

Plastic waste

Enough said and enough bled

We are 

Out of green and out of shade

Colourful polymers of hell decay

And there’s no rain

But the sky looks grey -@neeloy94

Model- @catherinedemyanova

Body painter- @aliciagoveas

Photography & retouching- @enhancingmoments

Air Pollution- 


Every one in nine deaths worldwide is due to air pollution and about 4.2 million deaths every year as a result of outdoor air pollution.

Look around, look within. The earth is dying, so are we!

Model- @lunacafieiro

Body art by @aliciagoveas

Photography and Retouching- @enhancingmoments

Child Labor

Who are they?

Where are they rushing ?

Some little bodied souls

Rising before the sun -CHILD LABOR-

Child model- @rahini_goel_

Body painter- @aliciagoveas

Photographer & Retoucher- @enhancingmoments


I am a woman born in the land of Durga, the goddess of strength. The mighty ten armed mother of the universe. Yet, you leer at me, the girl living across the road, every time I am alone on my way back from college. In the darker hours, you get bolder, pinching my cheek or lightly brushing your hand across my chest. Sometimes you think of doing more, maybe one day you will. You pay homage to Durga, the indestructible. Yet every day, you choose to destroy who I am, little by little. You choose to destroy me when you casually suggest fairness creams to “enhance my beauty”, as though the glow on my thirteen-year-old face was not enough. You choose to destroy me when you make me feel ‘vile’ and ‘impure’ for bleeding uncontrollably once a month. You numb my soul through stories of what happens to the ‘unfortunate’ women who chose to step out after dark. Every time, I question my own safety outside the house even after the street lights are lit, a part of me fades away. I flinch even in broad daylight, what good are street lights. You choose to destroy me, denigrating my existence and quenching your raging lust through my feeble body, lifeless once you are done. – Rai Sengupta @youthkiawaaz

Photography & Retouching- @enhancingmoments

Body painter & model- @aliciagoveas

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