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B2B Facebook strategy is wrong

Usually, we are fascinated by how well the big money companies are doing on Facebook. The main mistakes are:

Don’t confuse it with lots of useful mugshots and rental announcements (we’ll try to break it down gently – no one cares!) To show your team “continuing with the staff” in their natural environment, which is a very valid form of social media. Content.

Badly formatted posts here and there with missing images.  Conversations with comments and shouts should be the main responsibility of a social media director.


We are giving extra points to a few construction companies that have trio of the treacherous waters of Instagram award This social media site started out as a place to share personal photos and then emerging as a B2C marketing channel is not the easiest task in the world to master. If you’d like to learn more about this, we’ve got a great series on how to market B2B on Instagram.

Looking at Balfour BT’s Instagram account is a real experience. It was only when I said something that I realized:

Your social media marketing strategy should provide an experience for an audience.

That way they will remember your company and when they will be in the market for your services. You think of them first because they’ve shared an experience together and they relate to you now. With this idea in mind it becomes easy for your B2B social media to suddenly crack.

Return to Balfour BT’s Instagram account. The main thing that could become the main thing is their promotion in the Instagram area (posting 4 or 9 photos in a row to provide a large size photo grid made up of individual photos). You can learn how to post images in the correct order or alternatively using an application called InstagramGrids.

Balfour BT Instagram

Many construction marketing professionals fight over Instagram ideas. One of the insights we’ve shared in our B2B Instagram strategy post is to show your team in a relaxed and fun way. This should be the complete opposite of corporate-style rental announcements.

ISG is doing semi-decent work on their Instagram account, unfortunately, it’s off the tail after Christmas, and it’s also pretty clear that they’re fighting to come up with a good mix of things.

Posting 20 staff pictures one after the other (no matter how beautiful they are) can actually make your followers lose instead of gaining it. There are lots of exciting things that construction marketers can cover on their B2B social media accounts, including:

Instagram claims a good mix of marketing content

In fact, all 5 builders using Instagram are doing reasonably well. What they lack though is a good mix of things. Good at Balfour BT Instagram, the ISG can enable their staff to be fun and accommodating, while the Murphy Group has a special talent for photographing O’Rourke and BAM’s top city while calling it the most beautiful bulldozer in Britain. If you mix five, you will have a perfect B2B Instagram account. By themselves they are not good enough to issue warrants to thousands of followers.

I’ve also noticed that construction marketing teams that are giving visual content a good shot are struggling to come up with enough content to compete for the attention of many B2B organizations as well as what you share on social media is often as important as quality.

Urban photo of BAM

Special mention goes to BAM who is the only creator on our list who is using Pinestest (or at least only showing their Pinestest). They are using Pintest to showcase previous projects, however, Pintest is a creation platform, so I hope to see additional Pinterest boards featuring interesting architectures around the world. It is currently missing from BM’s account.


It looks like Balfour BT is offering siphoning techniques to Facebook users’ YouTube accounts. Their best video has thousands of views. Their “Meet the Experts” series is really inspiring as 3D printing and 4D modeling videos. This type of visual/educational content applies to a much wider audience. By being true to your core values ​​and core characteristics, you are thus widening your net.

One of the things you can learn from BM’s YouTube account is the importance of good video description. . Always add a good-sized description and make sure your keywords are included in both video titles and descriptions, and that your videos start to rank better on Google.

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