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Socializing 101

3 Cool Ways to Connect with Like-Minded People While Partying

Socializing is an essential human need, especially if you are in Delhi. Whether you want to get rid of the Monday blues or simply relax before the weekend on a Friday night; the city has a plethora of bars, clubs, BYOB cafes, etc. that make Delhi the official ‘Fun Capital’. That said, Delhi has all kinds of people: the party people – partying across Delhi and NCR region all day long, the corporate peeps – those who wander off from one club to another to loosen up, drink and dance a bit to de-stress themselves. Lastly, there’s the third category: the socializing folks – people who hop from one place to another just to socialize. These are people who either got bored partying out with the same people and want to expand their circle of people who just got into this city; wanting to connect with like-minded people.

But, finding new friends who have the same interests as you can be an intimidating task. However, with a bit of knowledge about where to go and how to get started with socializing, life will be much easier. You can follow our ‘Socializing 101’ to socialize and make new friends.

  1. Karaoke nights

If you’ve ever walked into a bar on a Saturday/ Sunday night, you must have seen and wondered why people were crowding around the Karaoke stage. Here’s why? Karaoke nights are not at all being a great singer, it’s about using the one song you enjoy. Secondly, whenever you go to a karaoke night, you are usually accompanied by your friends, family members or a large group of strangers interested in karaoke. These events often help people come together, sing their favorite songs together, and socialize about anything, sometimes not even related to singing.

Besides, as Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank from ‘P.S. I love you’ taught us, all you have to do at karaoke nights is to enjoy and if it is meant to be, you’ll find like-minded karaoke singers with similar interest to sing duets next time.

  1. Open mics

Everyone agrees to the fact that bonding with people having similar interests such as yours is a lot easier than bonding with random strangers. Therefore, if you are someone who’s interested in poetry or stand up comedy and want to connect with other poets and stand-up comics, there’s no better way place to be at than open mic events. Open mic events are very common in the capital and are often a popular way to share your talent with individuals having similar interests while bonding with them.

  1. BOM social

BOM Social is a feature available in the Baromeeter app – a 360-degree mobile platform enabling the youth to discover anything and everything related to ‘Going-out’. All you have to do is book a deal from the app and go out. At the venue, you can open the BOM social app and connect with anyone on the same venue using the app. Not just that, you can use the app to measure the crowd at a particular venue.

Now that you’ve found out some new ways to socialize, it would only be fair if you try them out. So, wake up, leave your bed and conquer the world.

BY: Rishab Vyas, Founder & CEO of Baromeeter (BOM) App

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