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Some Easy Steps to Setup the Netgear

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Although setting up Netgear orbi wifi 6 is very easy but still many users from non-technical background are fighting a war with matters like “why my orbi satellite not connecting” or “why orbi satellite keeps disconnecting”? Today in this article, we will cover all the major issues including the setup problem experienced by most of the online and internet users.

Starting with the Installation and Setup Process: Setup and Installation requires proper guidance and understanding about the devices. Whether you are doing this by itself or hiring an expert, should know some of the valuable points such as:

  • Where should the orbi satellite should be placed?
  • Why orbi satellite flashing white?
  • About the orbi firmware?
  • What does “purple”,  “magenta”, and  “blue” colors indicates?

For any query related to the Orbi router, visitors can visit our website anytime!

Let’s start!!!!!

  • First, connect all the wires of the Orbi router and Orbi satellite to the electrical socket.
  • Press the power button of both the devices, you will notice a solid LED white color light on the devices.
  • Solid blue color: White color light will represent the strong and best connection between the Netgear Orbi router and the satellite.
  • Magenta color Light: These LED light colors tell that your orbi satellite is unable to reach the router and that’s why either keeps disconnecting or does not connect with the router. To resolve these issues, you need to place your router a little bit more near to the satellite.
  • Amber color light: This color light specifies that the connection between the router and the device will be good
  • Now try connecting router and satellite with each other, if they turned into the blue color, that means you are ready for the next move. Else you need to reconnect everything.
  • Remember the location of the Netgear Orbi Mesh router should be central for the effective network range.
  • Once orbi satellite synced with the router ( Magenta color will blink to confirm that the Netgear Orbi router is ready to sync with the signal).
  • Like you connected your satellite with the router, the same way you need to connect your laptop or PC with your Orbi router.
  • For this, you can use a yellow-colored Ethernet cable to connect your PC with the Router. This amplifies the better wifi signal and fewer chances of continuous disconnecting network compared to the Wi-Fi setup.
  • You will get a message “connected to the network” on your screen. (Make sure you are connected to the right WiFi network)
  • Here we completed with Setup and Installation of the trending Orbi!

As we are tech support providers, if any points remain unclear or unanswerable, immediately comment us below!

Creating and login an account on or One of the interesting phases during the new Orbi router setup. If you are a new user, then create an account at or orbi IP address The default password and username will be provided on the manual book or behind the box. If unable to find it, contact here.

And, you have an extra option i.e NETGEAR Orbi mobile app from which you can do this. Next time whenever you need to add extra devices or set up the same orbi mesh network on some other device, you can visit and then a login page will pop up where you have to enter the right username and password.

So, Next time planning to upgrade your Wi-Fi? Netgear’s new Orbi RBK752 under WiFi 6 mesh technology offers 5,000 square feet of high-speed Wi-Fi for 40+ devices. Isn’t the coolest option to buy? Share your reviews on the comment below!


Cross-check your devices that the wires are properly connected and getting enough power supply. Also, make sure you have powered on the router and getting required wifi signals. If the problem is not leaving you, turn off all the devices, disconnect all the wires and after a few minutes replug everything.


You often face connectivity issues if the firmware is not updated. So, how can you update the orbi router without expert help?

  1. Access the admin page via or
  2. On the menu icon from the Dashboard, click on the router settings.
  3. Head toward the option Firmware update icon.
  4. If you are using the old version of firmware, you will see a notification there for new firmware updates just like our apps do on our smartphone.
  5. Install it.

You will be glad to know that Orbi and orbi satellite is designed with auto firmware update. You can perform manual updation as described above. Ask for help if the auto-update of firmware is not working.


Performing factory reset will erase everything mistakes you have done with your Orbi router such as forgot the password.

  • Take a paper clip and insert it into a Reset button available on the NETGEAR ORBI ROUTER device.
  • Now hold the reset button for 30 seconds until the LED light starts flashing.
  • The device is reset correctly.
  • Now again login to the device with default username and password.

Do I need to set up my Orbi Device again after reset?

You may need to re-set but as you know how to set up and access the orbi router and orbi satellite, you can easily do this within a minute. Instant fixes for any issues is right here!

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