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Some rare cases of HIV being cured


Although, a few years ago AIDS caused due to the HIV virus was a non-curable that mainly affected the immune system of a person’s body, various research and studies show that scientists might have been successful in discovering a cure for the remission of this dreadful disease. The person after taking the required dosage went through a series of tests that have shown negative results to the presence of HIV in the patient’s blood. Some of these rare cases are listed below.

  1. Timothy Ray Brown of Berlin: Timothy was diagnosed with HIV positive in the year 1995 and became a patient of leukemia in 2006. Although his health was deteriorating with each passing day, Gero Hutter, a citizen of Germany and M.D. in oncology decided to test the Hail Mary equivalent procedure of medical science; that is transplantation of the stem cells. This procedure resulted in an uncommon mutation in Brown’s body and he became immune to HIV. The procedure that oncologist Gero performed was extremely risky but the results came out to be successful. Today Ray Brown lives his life free of HIV even after he has stopped taking the medications for the same.
  2. An anonymous patient of London: After twelve years to the case of Timothy Ray Brown, came up with another success story of an anonymous person who was cured of AIDS. The man suffered from HIV related complications along with Hodgkin Lymphoma. His doctors decided to carry out hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and again the patient’s body went under a rare mutation process that altered his health conditions. It is been almost three years since the transplantation took place and the anonymous man has been given the green signal of being cured of HIV.
  3. Two men from Australia: Reports are that two men native of Australia have shown negative results to HIV after they went under the bone marrow transplantation process, which was actually conducted to cure them of cancer. Although these two patients from Australia have shown no signs of HIV yet, they are continued to be kept under medication as there are some chances of HIV rebounding even after months of remission and affecting their immune system.

Although the cases mentioned above show some signs of positivity researchers and scientists worldwide are spending all the energy in further confirming the procedures to cure the casualties of HIV.

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