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Some top surprising facts about iPhones!!!

Apple iPhone

Since the iPhone has emerged in the market, they have changed the market of smartphones completely. Are you considering buying an Apple iPhone for yourself? If yes, then here is an advice for you. It is a great idea to buy a refurbished iPhone 7 plus rather than buying a brand-new iPhone. This will help you in saving a huge amount of money and not just that Apple itself will pass that iPhone from a number of tests to meet the functionality of the iPhone. Once passed then it is packaged for the sale else if there is any problem with the iPhone then the faulty parts have been replaced with the new one. If you want to know some interesting facts about iPhones, then Here is a list of top surprising facts about iPhone.

It is really very surprising that besides Apple iPhones are really very expensive still most of the people love to buy iPhones and the sales are approaching the great mark of 800 Million. Apple is running for eight years and selling 700 million iPhone in a month. The fact itself can tell the story of iPhones popularity and fan following. If checked the age group varies from young to old when it comes to buying iPhone.

iPhone is the most profitable product of Apple company

This is such an amazing factor about iPhones. Nearly 70% of the company’s revenue of Apple’s company has been earned through iPhones.

Apple iPhone is not the first iPhone

Do you know? Before Apple iPhone, Cisco system had been patented the name of the Apple. Then, both the companies have settled to an agreement that both the companies have kept their right to name, iPhone with own happiness.

The default time for ads in iPhone is 9:41

If you are seeing ads in your iPhone in 9:41 then it is not a coincidence. This is the company’s own choice that their customers will see ads when the clock hits 9:41.

Apple store was the first store from where you can download an application

Apple store was the first legal store to download an application. This is the only store from where you can download an application for free and a few applications on a specific fee.

The processors of the iPhone have been prepared by Samsung

Apple is in contract with Samsung to make its computer chips. However, both Samsung and Apple are tech rivals of each other.

iPhone has made the texting “In Thing”

 Over 22% of the people love to send SMS or text rather than calling. That is why the iPhone has made texting the in thing.

At a time, the iPhone was named “Purple”

At that time, when the iPhone was developed, the name of the company is unnamed at that time and the code word for this is “Purple”.

The retina screen is the most expensive part

Do you know that the retina screen is the most expensive part? The retina screen is whooping for $28.

There are 20+ patents for one single iPhone

Do you know that there are 20+ patents for one single iPhone? These 200 patents are related to the technology field.

iPhone is considered as “Jesus iPhone”

Do you know some people dub iPhone as Jesus iPhone? At the first announcement of the iPhone, the people who are Jesus believer named it as Jesus Phone.

The original iPhone is equipped with a curved glass display

However, these days, there are a number of hardware designs are available but do you know that the original iPhone is equipped with a curved glass display. 

Apple is selling its product with great discount

Yes, however, the Apple products rarely go on sale and even it does not goes on sale but do you know? Now, you can get an Apple iPhone at a very lower rate and this has become possible with the emergence of refurbished products.

However, a few people are aware of the fact that Apple is offering refurbished iPhone 7 plus and you can buy refurbished iPhone 7 plus online as well as offline from authorized sellers. So it is time to complete your dreams of having an iPhone 7 plus without compromising with quality at a very lower rate.   

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