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Some ways to cope the period stress

Oh God! I hate these days. You might have heard this line from almost every girl during her period days. Women are attacked by terrifying thoughts during these days like feeling hungry, Is their man cheating on them? Why cannot they wear white clothes? Why don’t just everyone stay away from them? Not to fret girls, this happens with almost every other girl. All this is just a hormonal game. Women go through hormonal changes during periods that causes mood swings, skin breakouts, bloating, diarrhea, food cravings and a lot more as the list goes on and on. So girls your stress level is justified. Anyhow, we cannot help to avoid this natural process, but yes we surely have something in store for you. Here are some surprising ways to cope up with period stress.

Make hot beverages your best friend-

During these days switch to hot beverages like coffee, green tea, tea, etc. Having these will relax you and will make you free from your period’s pain. As you know excess of everything is bad, so be aware of the amount to avoid bloating.

Take some time to meditate –

Try taking out some time from your hectic schedule to meditate, stretch yourself with some simple exercises. This will surely relax your mind and body.

Let your body be the controller-

For just period days let your body control you, obey what your body asks for. Pamper it with everything it asks for. Trust me; you will feel much better. Be it anything like working from home, going out with someone, want to eat something special or anything else, just listen to your body.

Be aware of your diet-

Include something beneficial for your body in your diet like iron rich food, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, butter, sprouts and a lot more. This is not only for period days but make it a daily routine. Friends, this really have an impact on your period days. Following it daily will make your period days just as normal days. Try it and also avoid junk as much as you can.

Increase your fluid intake-

Bloating is a major issue many women have during these days, do not fret girls. Drinking lots of fluid will solve your problem. Having around 8 glasses of water can work wonders for you and you can also include cranberry, pomegranate, lime juice to your diet. This is a great solution to your bloating problem and will help you cope up with stress.

On the whole, girls no one else but you, yourself can avoid this period stress just by little efforts to change your lifestyle. Firstly, work on your daily routine to make it healthy then surely you will be able to make your period days just as normal days. Buck up yourself, eat healthily and live healthily.


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