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Sonal Sehgal turns author

sonal sehgalSonal Sehgal who debuted opposite John Abraham in Aashayein (2010) and will next be seen in Oscar winner Marc Baschet’s ‘Lihaaf’, has now turned author. While a lot of actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Nawasuddin Siddiqui, Rishi Kapoor and so on, have put pen to paper, it was to write their autobiographies. Sonal however, has penned a fiction novel titled ‘The day that nothing happened’. “While the genre is fantastical, the novel explores complex human relationships. A sci-fi love story you could call it. It is rooted in scientific theories of astronomy and quantum physics. It is a thrilling ride with emotions at the heart of it”.

That’s quite a subject for an actor to explore. “My father is a scientist and I’ve grown up having dinner table conversations about such topics. Science never scared me, in fact it always intrigued me”, says Sonal.

What prompted her to write a book? “I initially narrated the idea to a producer friend of mine who got very excited and asked me to develop it into a web series. When I started writing it, I had so much fun with the genre – sci fi can really make your imagination fly – that I didn’t want to curtail myself to writing according to the “length of the episode”. So I decided to just go all in, write without any constraints of the medium and I ended up with a novel!”, signs off Sonal.

So what is the novel about? “It is based on a hypothesis that there is an extra day in our calendar, and the entire electromagnetic activity in the world has been shut down to accommodate this extra day. There will be no record of this day ever. And when the fated day arrives, a portal opens into the “Multiverse”. The characters in the book see their lives playing out in multiple Universes in different permutations and combinations”, explains Sonal.

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