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Soon, pay more for booking lower berths in train; Railways evaluating proposal

If you like to book lower berths in trains to ensure a comfortable journey, you may soon have to pay extra for the facility. In recent years, Indian railways has always been on the lookout for new sources of revenue and this proposed increase in charges for lower berths can help the railways increase its income. Just like window seats are in huge demand in planes, the Indian Railways has noticed that lower berths are also in huge demand in trains. People often mention their seat preference as lower berth when booking a ticket. In view of this huge demand, the Railways is currently evaluating a proposal to charge extra for lower berths.

It is proposed that Rs 50 will be charged extra for each lower berth. But, it is not yet clear what will happen if a lower berth is automatically allotted to a person. Charging extra to people who mark their preference for lower berth seems reasonable, but what about a passenger who does not have any such preferences, but is still allotted a lower berth automatically by the system. Such questions need to be deliberated before launching the new rates.

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