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Soroco reinforces its commitment to employee well-being at a time it matters more than ever before

–          Rising to the need of the post-pandemic world, Soroco launches a robust program to provide emotional and stress relief to its employees and support staff

June 2021: Soroco, a young and fast-growing data and machine learning company on a mission to transform modern workplaces, has recently introduced a number of new well-being initiatives to help employees and their families cope with the challenges posed by the pandemic. Putting employee physical, emotional and mental well-being to the forefront, Soroco has designed a comprehensive health and wellness program to help counter pandemic stress, have convenient access to vaccines, deal with changing work routines, loneliness, and other difficulties that come with working remotely.

Research has found that 2020 was the most stressful year people have ever experienced in their working lives. Seventy-eight percent of the workers surveyed said that the pandemic has negatively affected their mental health, 76% indicated that companies should be doing more to protect workers’ mental health, and a staggering 85% said that newfound work-related stress is affecting their home lives. Repeated restrictions of lockdown and confinements have resulted in changes to the working arrangements of employees who are now based at home and may continue to work at home for the foreseeable future.

COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown has taken an unprecedented toll on the mental health of employees across organizations. In an attempt to balance work and family life, many employees get stressed, often to the point of burnout. In such a scenario, employees look up to their organizations and employers for support and compassion.


“Soroco is a people-first company, and the well-being of our employees is our foremost priority. We recognize the stress and pressure that employees are going through during the pandemic, and our commitment towards providing a happy, healthy and supportive workplace to our employees has magnified in significance and criticality”, said Samson David, CEO, Soroco India. “We successfully concluded the vaccination drive for our employees, support staff and their families, and have created a holistic and a robust program for a better work-life balance for all our employees,” he added.


Recognizing the triggers that could cause stress and add to the work-life pressures during such difficult times, Soroco has thoughtfully curated a well-being program that includes wellness, recreational, and hobby classes to help employees unwind and get a much-needed break. In addition to this, Soroco has also introduced special activities to keep employees’ children engaged so that parents get some free time for other chores or even some rest. Here is a look at some of the well-being initiatives implemented by Soroco:

–          Grief management and mental health:  Coping with the loss of loved ones can be overwhelming for employees. Recognizing that employees need tremendous support to navigate personal loss, Soroco has tied up with Heart it Out to provide therapy and counseling assistance to help staff deal with unprecedented levels of grief, trauma, and anxiety.

–          No Meeting Friday: The always-on nature of work from home has led to employee burnout and stress. Soroco has declared alternating Fridays as ‘No Meeting Day’ encouraging employees to have a relaxed and stress-free day and weekend ahead.

–          Hobby classes for employees; kids: With remote work having become the norm, it has become difficult for employees to attend to their children alongside their work and daily chores. To provide relief to parents who are reeling under this ongoing pressure, Soroco has introduced hobby classes for employees’ kids.

–          Raising Readers:  In order to encourage the traditional reading habit among kids who may spend hours glued to their gadgets, Soroco has introduced the “Raising Readers” initiative, where kids receive books autographed by renowned writer, Smt. Sudha Murty.

–          Physical wellness:  Confined to their homes, employees are also struggling to keep up with their physical and mental fitness. To ensure a stress-free and healthy lifestyle for employees, Soroco regularly organizes yoga and meditation for its employees and their families

–          Take A Break: To ensure that employees get a break from their daily, business-as-usual work, Soroco has also introduced hobby classes, such as mobile photography with renowned photographer Jude Gabriel, for its employees.

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