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Soul, Yoga and Meditation

The human body and the mind are like sensitive electronic equipment that can project and receive messages. It is like a radio that can receive signals from many stations. Have you experienced feeling good when you met somebody who is warm and sunny ? Have you also come across somebody who is so pessimistic and cynical that after a few minutes you wanted to leave ? This is due to transference of emotions. Everyday we accidentally pick up many such emotions from our surroundings and eventually get affected due to it. And that is the reason why many of us when try to meditate, we have many thoughts that keep on coming to our mind. Some of these thoughts are ours, but many others are from external sources. Have you observed that sometimes when you meditate, you experience like you are back at home ? Generally, this happens with people who meditate on regular basis. At times you may experience or feel the divine presence within the person in front of you, but this happens if we calmly and patiently remain still and aware consciously. Generally a person going onto a spiritual path experiences intense inner battles which stops a person from going further in this path and thus many of us aren’t able to meditate in real sense. Regular Yoga as well as meditation and chanting of ‘OM’ helps a person to come out of such a type of situation in a gradual manner.

I believe that aura and a divine spark exists in every person, but it gets highlighted only in few and most often it gets faded away in many of us because of circumstances, our nature and our ignorance in understanding the signals that now and then we would be receiving from God in some or the other manner. These signals are in the form of intuitions. The thought process of the people with intuitive intelligence is far more different and superior as compared to others and this happens because of the divinity of their soul.

Soul is a spiritual energy with consciousness. It is a being of divine intelligence, divine love and divine power. A person’s higher soul has a consciousness of its own. Out of ignorance of its true nature, at times this soul becomes an incarnated soul. This incarnated soul undergoes a lot of suffering because it identifies itself with the body and the emotions. When a person lives a life of chaos, the incarnated soul gets disconnected from the higher soul and it becomes a lost soul. The purpose of yoga is to achieve union between the incarnated soul and the higher soul through soul-realization.


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