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Spend This World Earth Day in the Lap of Eco-Friendly Destinations with RCI

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Eco-tourism and travel have been steadily rising in popularity, and for great reasons. There are some countries though that have really stepped up their efforts to protect and preserve their natural environment not only for the locals and visitors, but for the wild inhabitants and for the greater good of our planet. With climate change becoming a major worry for everyone, do something to acknowledge the immensity of the situation this Earth Day. Commemorating the cause, RCI has listed out some great eco-friendly destinations for you to consider on this World Earth Day.

British Columbia, Canada: British Columbia has earned the rank as the “greenest” province in Canada. According to the quarterly Green Provincial Report Card, B.C. has topped the charts as far as green jobs, buildings, energy efficiency, and organic food. Between the vast and rugged coastline, dense forests, beautiful lakes, and national parks, British Columbia is a nature and adventure lover’s ideal destination. There is exceptional hiking, rafting, canoeing, fishing, horseback riding, camping, skiing, snowboarding, and wildlife viewing opportunities throughout this exquisite western province. Once you’ve enjoyed your stay in nature, you can head back to the city and complete your trip with Bighorn Meadows Resort, which is nestled in the Columbia Valley between the Rocky and Purcell Mountain ranges offering a spectacular view of nature at its best.

Uruguay, South America: If you’ve never thought about adding Uruguay to your ever-growing list of green destinations for your next holiday – you definitely will now! There are pristine beaches, beautiful vineyards, and a whole lot of wilderness for you to take in. Though it may be the second smallest country in all of Latin America, it’s also one of the safest, most peaceful, and greenest countries in this corner of the world. In the last few years, the country has made major efforts to not only expand their tourism industry but do so in a green, sustainable fashion. This responsible tourism initiative is working in tandem with Uruguay’s overall shift towards being greener, in a big to be one of the most sustainable countries. Club this trip with a fantastic stay at Club Hotel Casapueblo, where you can enjoy a South American-style beach vacation at Punta del Este. Sportsmen can fish, water-ski, and boat in the Atlantic, or take a side trip to Isla de Lobos, a wildlife preserve that is home to nearly half a million sea lions.

Switzerland: Switzerland topped the 2018 Environmental Performance Index (EPI), produced by the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy. With a backdrop of tranquil lakes, quaint mountain villages and the majestic Alps, along with a host of medieval towns and ski resorts, Switzerland remains a favourite for both summer and winter holidaymakers. It has also previously been named the “world’s happiest country”. With RCI, you can complete your trip by staying at the Aparthotel Helvetia Intergolf, which is  located in an exclusive setting amongst shops and international boutiques, as well as the famous ski slopes.

Vietnam: Thanks to its sunny climates, rich culture, exotic foods and very affordable prices, is it any surprise Vietnam is such a hot spot to visit right now? And this county isn’t just a pretty face; its protected national parks, incredible coral reefs and one of the largest lagoons in the world, make it an eco-tourism gold mine. Best Sapa Biking Tour, Best Ha Giant Trekking Tour, Cao Son Eco-adventure, and Babe National Park Tour and Mekong Biking tour are some of the incredible eco activities Vietnam has on offer. During your trip in Vietnam choose to stay with an amazing offering by RCI, Coco Ocean Resort, with its prime location near the beautiful seaside city, you can walk to the beach and take advantage of living amidst nature.

Costa Rica, Central America: Costa Rica has stood at the forefront of the eco-tourism and travel movement. This captivating country in Central America has protected roughly 25% of its territory as national parks and biological reserves, is using 95% renewable energy sources within the country, and is working to become the first carbon-neutral country by 2021. With twelve main ecosystems, 5% of the world’s biodiversity, a warm and inviting culture, Costa Rica is a must-visit destination. While in Costa Rica, book your stay at Altara El Tucano Resort & Thermal Spa, the resort has a beautiful hike of the rainforests. The paths are well groomed, so you can relax and admire the surroundings, all this along with a beautiful thermal river.

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