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SpiderG – A Pune Based Startup Has Developed Hardware-free Attendance Tracking System

An HR is the juggler of the company, who juggles with the responsibilities in the most accurate and spot on manner. An HR has to perform many tasks, including maintaining the relation between the entire organisation. To ease the workload, Pune based startup – Gladiris Technologies developed an application called SpiderG.

SpiderG is an application that makes it easier and efficient to the user to perform their tasks. The software consists of many elements that are identified, assigned and utilized by the member’s who are entitled to perform a specific task. The managers and the admin hold the right to assign the tasks to the employees who work with them, and further every member is guided to perform their tasks.

With SpiderG, a huge amount of burden is taken off the shoulders of the HR. SpiderG performs a bundle of tasks of HR, these activities involve, payroll management, leave management, consistent, accurate data recording and user management. This enables the HR to comfortably operate the application with respect to the legal requirements, which also includes employment rights and data protection.

The biggest offering of SpiderG has recently released is a chatbot called Glady, that allows users to perform the tasks just by chatting with the application itself! Apart from HR functions, SpiderG also aims to bring e-Invoicing revolution in India by offering digital invoices.

How does SpiderG help the HR?

  1. Leave management: Every leave taken by the employees of the company can be accepted and rejected. Leave management is automated. The entries of these leave are recorded further to manage the payment slip.
  2. Payroll management: The payment slip is auto generated, based on the records and data saved of the month or the period based on which the payment is done.
  3. User management: The HR can also add and remove the members of the company from the application. This falls under the legal formalities that tend to add the new employee of the company to the application.

Perks of SpiderG to an HR:

  1. Time saving: Everything is almost auto generated; hence there are limited tasks for the HR’s to perform on their own
  2. Easy to use: Every task to be performed is done over a tip of the finger. SpiderG is an application that lets the HR an every other user understand ad perform their tasks easily.
  3. Pay slip: The payslip is auto generated, and also is displayed to the user of theirs, without having to request for it. It also includes
  4. Hardware free: To record attendance, you do not require any traditional attendance tracking device. SpiderG generates QR code for your organisation which employees can scan to mark their attendance

Why you should use SpiderG?

A small mistake done by an HR can prove to be costly, hence a good application that can handle and improve the potential to perform the tasks more efficiently is always good to use. Above all, the tasks performed by the application resemble the nature of role of HR and the business.

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