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Spiritual Consciousness in this world

As we watch the dance of light on water’s surface, the ripples that flow from a center to the farthest edges, slowly diminishing into Serenity, our eyes miss the plethora of life that lies beneath this glistening top. When we allow our eyes to pierce through this shimmering surface, we see a visual treasure of that which seemed hidden before. We are now immersed in this the world beneath the surface and can only again see the water’s top when we draw our gaze back above.

Spirituality is seeing the surface and what lies beneath, together. This takes more than our vision, it takes self-awareness. It gives us the ability to understand that the same event can be viewed from multiple angles and varied perspectives, all at once.

This is the result of a harmonious cohesion between the many senses of the body, the emotions, and the intellect. Spiritual awareness is the ability to see the broader picture and every effort put into creating this one moment of our lives. It brings to our lives the gift of mindful presence, where every moment is treasured and lived to its fullest.

What can we do to build this quality in ourselves?

  • Through your entire day, allow your subconscious to be aware of all your activities. Live with mindfulness.
  • Our state of consciousness can be identified by our breath. Be it happiness, joy, anger, shock or sadness, each emotion has a definitive breath. Mastery over our breath is mastery over ourselves.
  • Remain forever calm, patient and present. If nothing can ruffle your feathers, you allow yourself the opportunity to perceive the situation, person or event in their true form.

When we look into ourselves, we will find great treasures yet to be discovered. Spirituality is the window to our inner selves, one which is in harmony with all existence.

By: Grand Master Akshar

Yoga Master | Spiritual Guide | Lifestyle Coach | Yogaentrepreneur

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