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Sportsman, Physical Trainer, Actor, Writer, Producer

 – The Trajectory of One Ambitious Young Man

Remember the time when it was quite common to see people who were “jack of all trades and master of none”? It no longer applies in this day and age. The fight for survival and being indispensable requires you now to be “jack of all trades and master of some”. The more you know, the more you do and the more you own it. In addition, a recent study indicates that people, who are good multi-taskers, tend to use their brain at its full capacity. Here we are talking about a remarkable individual who has achieved a great number of titles in his life and career, which includes being an athlete, fitness trainer, actor, writer and a producer. We are talking about Jacob Kyle Young.

Born in the city of Plano in 1993, Jacob was a natural sportsman with skills in football and soccer. Being a professional athlete helped Jacob build a muscular yet a lean body. The secret to his body is nothing but working hard in the gym and eating healthy. He believes that using any kind of growth-enhancing drugs only deteriorates the body. While working as a fitness trainer in Austin, he was advised to make a career in Hollywood. This advice made Jacob take acting lessons and move to Los Angeles. He started off his career in showbiz with short films, commercials, and other media projects. While working, he learned how to imagine a good movie and write a good script. He also went ahead and got himself a couple of lessons in screenplay writing. This led Jacob to create his own production company by the name of ‘Post Modern Entertainment’. Soon enough you will see Jacob not only as an actor but also a writer and a producer. Some of the key highlights in Jacob’s career so far include being a lead actor in the Emmy nominated movie ‘My Brother’s Keeper’. We will also see him soon enough sharing screen time with one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Corbin Bernsen in the movie ‘His Sunrise My Sunset’.

Jacob Kyle Young is not going to stop at the titles that are given to him above. He surely has more things up his sleeve which will be revealed as time goes by. Watch out for more of his work in 2019.

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