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(Week Dedicated to Love)

Every day is a day of love if one thinks so. Love is the very foundation of any good relationship. It is a bond, a sacred agreement, in which a man and women enters through mutual trust. However, the meaning of love has changed its notion with time. Now a day’s couples vouch on materialistic things and do not care about feeling resulting into conflicts.

If you love someone then there should not be any space for discord. So, this month dedicate your time and feelings to your special someone.

Leave aside all your negativities and start making an effort to spice up your conjugal life by following these tips by Spiritual Healer and Motivational Speaker KAILASH ROHIDA to enhance love /trust among yourselves.

LISTEN TO YOUR LOVED ONES: Sit with your beloved and lend your ears to them. The best gift you can gift someone is your time and space. Listen to your love and make them feel special.

GIFT AMETHYST: Gifting this stone is considered auspicious as it is believed that Valentine saint wore it. You can keep it with you. You can also give amethyst gift to anyone. If you have phobia of losing your love then you can keep amethyst along with you. You can get happiness in your marital life by keeping amethyst stuff in your bedroom.

CHANTING THE MAGICAL WORDS: Those who are in nuptial bond and are facing problems in their relationship can chant this auspicious Mantra: “ऊँ श्रीं ह्रीं पूर्ण गृहस्थ सुख सिद्धये ह्रीं श्रीं ऊँ नम” for 5 or 11 rounds of a wreath. This Mantra can be chanted by one or both the husband and wife if they want. Chant this Mantra with pure feelings and full faith. This remedy helps strengthen the bond of love and affection between husband and wife.

SAY NO TO GLASS: Do not gift glass stuff in love relationship as it can cause trouble in relationship.

PINK FOR LOVE: It is considered as a color of love. If it is dark then love would be deep and close however, there is no charm in love if it is light. You can use pink color’s curtains, bed sheets and clothes to increase love in your relationship. It is extremely beneficial to gift pink color clothes to improve love relationship.

Tuberose: Flowers are always best to shower one’s feeling. Relationships become stronger and close by gifting this flower. Do not cover this flower with plastic or any other stuff. Lovers should cover it with pink cover while giving to each other. Life partner should cover it with red cover while giving to each other. But do not keep tuberose in your bed room.

Apart from these tips follow these simple steps:

Wipe the floor with salt water daily or at least once a week.

Wear gold or simply yellow colored bangles to bring peace and harmony into the married life and happiness in the house-hold.

Spread love and fill the air with essence of love.

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