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Spuul streams on Amazon Fire TV stick’s debut in India

Mumbai, 24th April, 2017: Spuul, the popular digital video-on-demand (VOD) platform for Indian and regional content will now be available on Amazon’s Fire Stick as an application that can be downloaded from the Amazon India store. Apart from the Fire Stick, Spuul will also be available on other Amazon devices such as Kindle, Fire TV and Fire Phone.

“While mobile is the way forward, one cannot deny that a large part of the Indian audience still prefers watching their favorite movies on larger screens. The Amazon Fire Stick helps us reach this segment of our audience, where users can not only watch the content of their choice on their large screen TVs, but also carry the Fire Stick when they go away on holiday. It’s like entertainment on the move, just like the habits of our viewers, who are forever on the go.” says Subin Subaiah, CEO Spuul Global.

Viewers can link their existing Spuul account with the Amazon Fire app to stream the movies of their choice, new users can sign up on Spuul using their existing Facebook account. Premium subscribers will get access to all of Spuul’s existing and upcoming content on a device that is about the same size as a USB stick.

Spuul has observed that while each person owns multiple personal devices, they’d still like to have access to everything, everywhere. Apart from the Amazon Fire app, Spuul is also available on ChromeCast, Apple TV, Android TV and Roku to name a few.

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