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Sqy! rewards: Changing the face of Customer Loyalty Programs in India.

Tracking your loyalty points can be a tedious task. One can not really carry around multiple cards for every single outing. So for a hassle free and enjoyable experience , there is a new app  in town- Sqy! Rewards. What Sqy! does is, it records your shopping data, does all the math and calculates all your loyalty points. With Sqy! you can also  get that “little extra” discount on your favourite brands, outlets and some cross brand promotional discounts too. Sqy! is an unique platform for the brands to breakthrough from the sms space and get into the minds of the consumers, thus bridging the gap.

Not only this, it is also a very crucial tool for the brands. Brand scan now track their loyal customers and give them some enticing benefits. Its maps the lifestyle of the consumers and helps the brands in making their message more targeted and personalized. This app is here to bring a transition from consumer loyalty to customer engagement.

With exciting features like video notifications, geographical listing of your favourite outlets and a very customer friendly interface, Sqy! is going to be the ultimate thing in the near future.

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