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Sri Bandaru Dattatraya, Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) Labour & Employment conveyed the importance of Good Governance

During a workshop organised by ESIC on Good Governance Day

HYDERABAD, 25TH DECEMBER: On the occasion of the birthday of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee we have gathered to observe ‘good governance day’ which was Vajpayee Ji’s contribution to the country because he had the vision to see that India could not become a developed nation without ‘good governance’

Vajpayee Ji’s six-year stint as Prime Minister of the country was blemish free and saw the reforms required to transform India being implemented without fear or favour. The decision to award the Bharat Ratna to Sri Vajpayee jee is long overdue.  He has spent his life in the service of the nation and is an outstanding personality and the nation will be ever proud of him.

 Vajpayee’ Ji’s style of building consensus and taking bold decisions are exemplified in the initiatives for peace with Pakistan and his bus journey to Lahore, the decision to have an independent nuclear policy, the first Prime Minister to be able to serve a full term based on a coalition of parties, initiate economic reforms that resulted in over 8 per cent growth in the GDP and the manner in which he resolved the disputes in the Telecom sector, by virtue of which almost every Indian now has access to mobile phones.

When the people of the country wanted change, they chose a model for good governance in the form of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for the work he had done in Gujarat. The earlier scam free stint of the NDA at the centre also played a role in the decision of the Indian people who gave a majority on its own.

There are many characteristics that the two Prime Minsters from the party share, like considering themselves as Pradhan Sevaks instead of Pradhan Mantris, taking bold decisions and placing the interests of the country over family and partisan interests.

Prime Minister has demonstrated this bold and decisive nature many times in the last six months, the most recent being yesterday’s ordinances relating to the coal and insurance sector. The bungling and inaction of the last ten years in these two sectors of the economy are well known. Even though the opposition did not facilitate legislations in these two important sectors, the Assembly election results in Jharkhand and Jammu and Kashmir have hopefully sent a clear message that the people are still with the BJP and NDA and that they are looking forward to an era of good governance.

It is in response to the aspirations of the people, out of respect for former Prime Minister Vajpayee ji and the need to inculcate the concept of good governance amongst the people and all those officials who are in a privileged position to serve, so that India becomes a developed nation, that Prime Minster has directed all of us to observe good governance day on Vajpayee’s birthday.

All of us must strive to emulate Vajpayee ji’s service to the nation and make his vision of good governance a reality.

 Good governace among other things, is about participatory, corruption free, responsive and empathetic and timely decision making.

Initiatives taken by my Ministry on Good Governance are as follows :

Transparent and Objective Enforcement of Labour Laws:

  1. Shram Suvidha Portal: The Ministry of Labour & Employment has developed a unified Web Portal ‘Shram Suvidha Portal’. There are 4 main features of this Portal:

(i)                Unique labour identification number (LIN) will be allotted to Units to facilitate online registration.

(ii)             Filing of self-certified and simplified Single Online Return  by  the industry instead of filing 16 separate Returns. Amendments to 10 Rules has been taken up.

(iii)           Computerized inspection Reports within 72 hours by the Labour inspectors.

(iv)           Timely redressal of grievances.

The unique Labour Identification Number (LIN) has been issued to 7,40,850 Units as on 23.12.2014.

Transparent Labour Inspection Scheme in Central Sphere for random selection of Units for Inspection:

(i)                A computerized list of inspections to be generated randomly based on risk based algorithm.

(ii)             Complaints based inspections to be determined centrally after examination based on data and evidence.

(iii)           19,389 inspections have been generated as on 23.12.2014 since the launch of the Labour Inspection Scheme of which 15,892 have already been uploaded on Shram Suvidha Portal.

Social Security for Organized Workers:

 Universal Account Number(UAN) for EPF subscribers:

(i)                Digitization of complete database of  4,22,48,558  EPF subscribers and allotment of UAN to each of them.

(ii)             3.98 crore records of KYC details including Bank Accounts, Aadhar and PAN  (Adhaar/NPR-45 lac, PAN-93 lakhs, Bank accounts-222 lac and Others-38 lac)have so far been collected as on 23.12.2014.

(iii)           Special drive is being taken up for enrolling contract and construction workers. This will bring this huge unorganized workforce into mainstream by bringing them under the formal social security cover. Details of contract workers will also be linked to Shram Suvidha Portal.

Project Panchdeep Of Employees State Insurance Cooperation (ESIC)

Project Panchdeep is one of the largest E-Governance Project in India to bring efficiency, transparency and accountability in different activities of ESIC.

Key Features of the project Panchdeep are:-

(i)                Transformation from manual based processes to IT enabled organization.

(ii)             Healthcare and ERP solutions at over 2200 locations (creation of one of the largest medical records database in the world)

(iii)           Largest rollout of Unique Biometric Photo identification cards in India.

Enrolment of 1.1 crores IP families and printing of pairs of unique biometric card was successfully carried out under Pehchan Phase I service.

National Career Service Project

Transformation of National Employment Service to provide employment related services on the national level portal.  Initiatives of “Model Career Center” and “ Vocational Rehabilitation Canter (VRC)” will be hosted on NCS portal. Main features of these initiatives are :

Model Career Centres:

(i)             Outlay of the National Career Service (NCS) Project enhanced from Rs.148 crore to Rs.292 crores.

(ii)          NCS portal to be launched by March, 2015.

(iii)        100 Model Career Centres to be developed.

Apprentice Protsahan Yojna:

(i)             Launched on 16th October, 2014.

(ii)          With an outlay of Rs.346 crores, Government will support one lakh apprentices in next two and a half years by sharing the 50 % of the stipend.

(iii)        A vision to have more than 20 lakh apprentices in next few years against present number of 2.9 lakh.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for construction sector:

(i)             More than 4.2 crore workers with low skill level in construction sector.

(ii)          RPL Scheme started to give 15 day gap training at site for NCVT certificate.

(iii)        To be funded from Cess funds collected from Construction projects.

(iv)        Provision of wage compensation to worker at Rs.35 per hour.

Labour is one of the most critical factors of production.  Industrial peace and harmony can be achieved only when the goals of employment and employability are in tune with the goals of industrial development and growth. It is our vision to have an environment which is conducive for inclusive growth and development of the country. We are  committed to the cause of Labour in developmental process and taking multi-pronged good governance initiatives for ensuring efficiency and transparency in the World of Work.

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