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Sri Lanka gets PM Modi’s assurance amidst Chinese concerns

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today assured Sri Lanka that India will continue to provide its full support to the country. PM Modi said that India will act as a friend and partner to Sri Lanka and support it in its nation-building efforts. His statement comes in the wake of recent moves by China to strengthen its position and role in the Indian Ocean. PM Modi took part in the inauguration of the International Vesak Day, which is the biggest Buddhist festival. During his address at the inauguration ceremony, PM Modi said that values and ideals of Lord Buddha can help the two countries create better ties. He said that strong, long-lasting relations can be build based on Buddha’s teachings such as peace, inclusiveness and compassion.

PM Modi thanked Sri Lanka by pointing out that the country had contributed to the revival of Buddhism in India. He said that Sri Lanka helped Indians to get back to their own roots. He said that it is a blessing for the region to have the priceless gift of Buddha and his teachings. “The friendship between India and Sri Lanka was etched in time by the ‘Great Master’… As close neighbors, our relationship spreads across many layers. It draws its strength as much through our interconnected values of Buddhism as it does from the limitless possibilities of our shared future. Ours is a friendship that lives in the hearts of our people and in the fabric of our societies,” PM Modi said.

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