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Starhome Mach Launches New Big Data Business Management Capabilities

Operators gain visibility of silent and high-usage roamers, inbound market share and quality of service

Zurich, Switzerland; 12 February 2015 – Starhome Mach, the global leader in mobile inter-carrier network and clearing services, is launching three new business modules designed to help mobile network operators make better business decisions by analyzing big data from their network and clearing systems in real time.

Segment Analyzer identifies the real revenue potential of operators’ high-usage and silent roamers by analyzing network and clearing information
Inbound Market Share combines network and clearing information to provide operators the real value of their share of inbound roaming traffic
Quality of Service (QoS) gives an all-in-one, real-time business view of all QoS issues and includes tools to rate roaming partners based on key performance indicators.

“For decades, operators have been sitting on big data without realizing its value or were unable to analyze and translate this information into action,” says Nick Wennekers, Director Product Management at Starhome Mach. “Our new modules let them apply real-time big data analysis to their real-world challenges.”

With the Segment Analyzer solution, operators gain greater understanding of the mobile phone usage of different subscriber segments such as silent roamers, allowing them to build better packages to encourage usage and increase revenues. The system also allows operators to quickly identify technical reasons for low usage, such as problems with coverage, connectivity, and handset-related issues. For example if high-usage VIP roamers are suddenly silent, a quality of service problem may be the reason. Armed with this information, operators can steer these roamers to another visited network to ensure service continuity and revenues.

The Inbound Market Share product delivers the real value of inbound roamers. It provides a 360o view of the roaming environment, including registered roamers and attempted registrants, the operator’s and competitors’ estimated market shares and potential volumes. This data analysis lets operators negotiate better partnership agreements and quickly allows for root-cause analysis of changes in visitor market share.

Mobile operators have access to vast amounts of information about their roaming QoS. The challenge is how to analyze and use this information effectively. Starhome Mach’s Quality of Service module directly measures the business impact of QoS problems, ensuring that all fixes are focused on the most profitable market segments and alerting the operator proactively in case of a problem. Starhome Mach’s unique, comprehensive revenue view of QoS is based on the integration of information flows from network services with the TAP files used in the data clearing process.

“Operators’ decisions are all focused on increasing revenues,” concluded Wennekers. “The hard data that the Starhome Mach solutions deliver ensures these decisions are made with a full picture of the current state of the operator’s roaming business.”

Starhome Mach will be featuring live demonstrations of these business management modules at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, hall 7, stand 7F51.

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