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Startup Success Tips From Sahil Kothari, Founder Of Sahil Kothari Training And Consultancy

Everyone aspires to do something of their own, however, not everyone can expand it into a long-term succession plan. After all, there is a reason why many startups tend to go bankrupt in just a few years.

There can be many challenges to face for an enthusiastic entrepreneur, such as promoting the services or accumulating a good customer base.

In these wavering times of hardship where Covid has become a hapless fact of our lives; Sahil Kothari, founder of Sahil Kothari Training and Consultancy who has trained more than 50000 students in mere 3 years has some advice for young entrepreneurs and the ones striving to have a successful startup.

Identify Your Passion

Sahil Kothari attributes his startup success to his energy and passion. From the tender age of 22, he realized his excellence in motivating people which gradually strengthened over time.

“The ruling criteria to success is to identify your areas of expertise and excellence. We need to love what we are passionate about and construct lucrative ideas to monetize them into passive or sustainable income”, says Sahil Kothari.

Be fearless and practice Self-discipline

The second tip that Sahil Kothari shared was that it is of paramount importance to be fearless and cultivate the art of self-discipline.

” Ruminating about what people will think and prattle is a big setback for any budding entrepreneur. There should not be an element of fear attached to any decisions we take. Self-discipline is another cornerstone to success. Practicing what you do rigorously every day will leverage into creating a large-scale impact, ” said Sahil Kothari.

Focus on short term goals

Sahil Kothari further added that it is very important to focus on short-term goals than directly aiming for the big results.

” When I started this consultancy, I had no customer base. My primary goal was to attract at least 50 students a month to all my courses. Once I successfully achieved this feat, I began to focus on 100 and so on. What you attract in your life is in direct congruence to where your focus is “, said Sahil Kothari.

For Sahil Kothari, though this might just be a beginning, he now intends to expand his services into international geographies as well.

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