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The Australian Hotels Association (AHA) WA understands the WA Government prioritising health considerations for the state, but keeping our state’s border closed comes at a cost.

AHA(WA) CEO Bradley Woods said whilst WA is in a fortunate economic position, keeping our borders closed means the burden is being borne by Perth hotels and some parts of the state’s remote tourism sector, with careers lost and employment opportunities sacrificed.

“If a vaccine for COVID-19 is still a long way off, there will be even more long term negative implications,” Mr Woods said.

“We must also plan to protect Western Australia from losing not just tourism but also conferences and the convention industry.”

“As other states open borders and people are free to travel, they will be sure to steal business away from WA.”

“The AHA is continuing our close engagement with the Premier and Minister for Tourism.”

“Our immediate priority is seeking from the WA Government a roadmap to the borders opening so that industry can navigate the challenging months ahead.”


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