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Stay Desi like Desi Ghee

For all those health freak persons out their refraining from Desi ghee since long, today I am going to share one large piece of information which might shock you but will eventually make you stronger in the long run. Ghee is nothing but butter but in a clarified room. Smoke point of Desi ghee is extremely high so it can resist high temperatures it will not burn.

The Indian king of dishes has taken a major marketing hit due to highly educated market which could only gaze the part of “low cholesterol”, “Fat Free”, “Healthy heart and body” and many more. I completely buy the point generations have changed so has the atmosphere but still comparing the current generation to our fore fathers we are still way behind in terms of body fitness. Leaving the literature lessons I will move to business.

ppppppppppppGhee enhances physical strength of the body keeping it hydrated, full and mentally fit. Desi ghee’s ingredients like Vitamin A,D, E K which are fat soluble, so helping the body digest these vitamins and passing them on to the blood stream.

Short chain Fatty Acids, No Trans Fat make this an ideal ingredient for easy digestion and lesser obesity. With zero content for lactose Desi ghee becomes an ideal content for lactose intolerant people.

Ghee is free of salt and boosts immunity of the body. There are many bodily functions where the role of Desi ghee cannot go unnoticed. Functions like protecting the stomach wall from acids, supporting nerve, skin and brain health, lubrication to muscles and joints.  Ghee performs all these functions better than any other form of oil.

The quantum of consumption is one major chunk that needs to be regulated to gain any sort of benefits from ghee in diet. Ghee if consumed in excess might lead to obesity or cholesterol. Desi ghee is completely different from artificial ghee available in stores. Always consume Home Made Pure Desi Ghee.

By: Manu Arora

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