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Sterling Resorts captures the Essence of Modern Traveling with #HolidayDifferently Concept

Leisure travels are nothing new. Their history can be traced back to the 17th century, when the European upper class would embark on long voyages to the popular tourist destinations. In those days, holidays were named Grand Tours. In this era of technology, when the world has shrunk into  a tiny space, many travel options have opened up for the travel enthusiasts. It is no wonder then that Indians, across the length and breadth of this nation, have taken to leisure traveling in a big way. 

But, all is not so easy going for the travel industry too. Today’s travelers have a whole new mindset. They have a different level of expectations from each of their tours and the tour operators are obliged to meet those. The job of a holidaymaker has evolved from going through the pages of a popular travel guide book and ticking off the destinations to include in their itinerary. The travelers are demanding new experiences. As Indians are traveling extensively, so they have mostly exhausted the list of popular travel destinations (most of them have visited the tourist hot spots in India at least once). So, now they want to enhance their tours with a touch of uniqueness and experiences.

The #HolidayDifferently concept by Sterling Resorts looks to meet this modern day travel demand! Sterling’s new concept  takes you back into time when travelers would sail long distance to gain new experiences. They would end up making new discoveries and seeing lands no one had ventured before. Yes, “Discoveries” is the most important ingredient of the #HolidayDifferently concept. Sterling Resorts, which has more than 2200 rooms across 33 popular holiday destinations, promises to cater many new experiences at each of their luxurious resorts.  

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Speaking at the Sterling Resorts organized travel bloggers meet in Bangalore, Dr. Pasha Acharya (CMO) and Anand Ramachandran (COO) unveiled this concept to all the attendees. They also went on to explain the gradual evolution of leisure travels and the changing mindset of the travelers. Both the above mentioned gentlemen also promised that stays at Sterling Resorts would never be the same again. They would have something exceptional and pleasing for the travelers. While sighting some examples, the speakers revealed that under the new concept Sterling Puri would offer Sun, Sand & Grill experience (where the travelers can not only enjoy the great views of the sea but also indulge in tasting delicious barbecues), while the Sterling Corbett would be offering an unique Star Gazing experience (which includes cozy tent stays and ample opportunities to discover the stars).

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Another highlight of this meet was the unveiling of Sterling’s new logo and mascot. The mascot which is called Raja Rex (inspired from the dinosaur species – “Rajasaurus Narmadensis”), it is a cute and friendly character that is meant to inspire travelers to make new discoveries and gather new experiences. While the logo comes with swirls (symbolizing dynamism) made of different colored dots. The logo uses vibrant colors such as Purple (depicting  experiences and discoveries), Red (representing desire and passion of travelers) and Bright Yellow (signifying the energy of new places).

It was also revealed that Sterling would be partnering with a leading insurance company to offer a complete Travel Insurance Policy. This would cover the traveler right from leaving the house to reaching back again. The spokespersons also promised some Special Surprises for the travelers during stays at any of Sterling’s Resorts.

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The #HolidayDifferently concept by Sterling Resorts looks to meet this modern day travel

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