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STF arrests 4 neighbors in Jewar gang rape case; family was haunted by deaths

A breakthrough has been made in the sensational murder and gang rape case that occurred near Jewar in Uttar Pradesh. It may be recalled that one man of the family was shot dead and four women of the family were gang raped. The Special Task Force (STF) has arrested four people today and it is being said that these people were neighbors of the victims. Three of the perpetrators have been identified as Hazi, Munna and Wahim, but the identity of the fourth person is yet to be established. The STF made the arrests based on information provided by women who were gang raped. The perpetrators had ambushed the car in which the family was travelling and then they had forced everyone out of the car and gang raped the women. Scrap dealer, Shakeel Qureshi, tried to intervene, but he was shot dead for resisting the perpetrators. After this, the perpetrators looted the valuables, mobile phones and cash that the victims had.

Victims’ family was haunted by death; 4 have died in past 5 years

It may be a coincidence, but the victims’ family was haunted by death. The latest death of Shakeel Qureshi was the fourth unusual death in the family. Earlier, in August 2013, the elder brother of Shakeel had died when a train hit him, as he was crossing a railway track on a bike. In March 2014, the second brother died due to heart attack, even when he was just 48 years old. In 2016, death again struck the family when the second brother’s son was killed in a road accident. Now, only one brother survives, who is the male head of the family.

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