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Still on child labor

The strong supports and voices against child labor, in India is not upto the level of achieving the free child labor society. Still, in India we have 15millons child labors. The child labor stands as arduous issue in developing India even after the freedom. Most of the nations are very concern with the problem of having Child labors. And they spend a huge amount of funds in promoting the education, so then the child labors will be reduced. This scenario of 15 million child labors in India is quite shocking that, one side India facing a huge revolution towards growth in all domains but, on another side it’s very pathetic to see such a situation of having 15 million child labors. Even by taking  so many precautions by government and Non-government organizations in India against child labor this issue getting on peak.

Exactly, in this issue the children’s are forced to work in various sectors, and their lives continues without the knowledge of Education. May be it is true, according to Indian law child labor is an offence against rule. But peoples ignore the rule despite of having their own problem in front to reasons for this issue. As of now there is no exact data about the strength of child labors in global level. In India it’s found that almost 16.4 million children between the ages of 5-14 engaged in economic, domestic background problems and trouble as said by, National Sample Survey Organization India. In India there are so many other issues still in peak that are unsolved. And strong awareness is the only tool which can built great India in future.

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